The balance between vitamin D, calcium and vitamin K2 as a formula for building healthy bones in humans

The human bones can first and foremost be positively developed and influenced by good nutrition. And then it’s our menu that makes a big difference.

What can you do to keep your bones healthy?

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The basic rules

Here are some basic rules that you should never ignore. Let’s visualize these, and then let’s move on to some specific tips. First and foremost, you should avoid the processed foods. These create metabolic and biochemical conditions in the body that significantly reduce bone density.

Strong through a healthy diet and exercise

Bones human nutrition tips

Eat more organic, high quality, biodynamic, locally produced food. This will naturally densify your bone structure and greatly reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Beyond vitamin D and K2

These vitamins are absolutely essential to human bone health. You can’t go without them if you’re working out hard in the gym. Many modern studies prove this. The importance of these two vitamins is emphasized, but they are also genuinely understood?

The important role of vitamin K2

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The importance of vitamin K2 for human bone health

It is very debatable to what extent calcium in the form of additional nutrients can be healthy for you at all. Not knowing how it works can cause a lot of harm.

First of all, remember that the interaction of calcium and vitamin D, as well as vitamin K2, plays an important role for your health.

Live healthy!

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The latest research shows that if you consume too much calcium but neglect vitamins D and K2, you can actually damage your bone system. You could go as far as suffering from osteoporosis.

Ingesting the three in a balanced manner is critical to your bone health.

Calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 in combination guarantee a healthy bone system 

Bones human healthy bones nutrition tips

How do we understand that we are not getting enough vitamin K2??

Diet and lifestyle are usually organized in such a way that we get enough vitamin D and calcium with our food. We also quickly learn to spot the signs of a deficiency in these two ingredients. We are not trained enough to notice the lack of vitamin K2.

It is therefore essential to properly identify the signs of deficiency in this vitamin.

All symptoms and serious illnesses associated with the human heart and bone structure could be attributed to a lack of vitamin K2.

Prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis

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Products with which you can enrich yourself with vitamin K2

Here is a short list of products that are very likely to contain vitamin K2.

  • Organic products of animal origin – best when the animals feed on grass and plants
  • Products fermented with vitamin K2
  • liver pate
  • Some types of cheese, such as Brie and Gauda

Foods that are high in calcium 

Bones human health dairy products

Bones human health dairy products calcium

Sodium and potassium

Sodium and potassium are two other very important ingredients for human bone health. They must also be in sufficient quantity and in good proportion to one another. You can get plenty of these if you prefer fresh rather than processed and artificial foods.

You can feel the balance between the three ingredients in your improved tone. You will feel stronger and more motivated for more exercise in everyday life and for an active life. Both of these factors, and healthy living in general, are very important to a strong human bone system.

Live actively!

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