The issue of mosquitoes seems to be inexhaustible this summer. After we have dealt extensively with what mosquitoes can’t stand and how to drive them away, it is time to find out what they are into. What attracts mosquitoes and why are many people bitten every day and others are simply spared. For decades, mankind has been researching what influences the behavior of mosquitoes and has come to different conclusions. One thing is definitely clear and that is the fact that female mosquitoes need certain proteins to make eggs that they cannot make on their own. But they find enough of them in our blood and make extensive use of them.

What attracts mosquitoes and how can you protect yourself from mosquito bites

what attracts mosquitoes to child

What attracts mosquitoes and why some people go unnoticed by mosquito bites?

The question of all the questions that those affected often ask themselves in summer is: Why am I being stung and others not? The main reason that mosquitoes prefer some people and not others is not because of the blood type or the composition of our blood. According to the latest studies, it is becoming clear that mosquitoes like carbon dioxide. What we exhale as a waste product can be smelled by mosquitoes from a great distance. Mosquitoes feel welcome, especially if the room or the area where we are right now does not get a draft, offers warmth and humidity. Exhaling deeply encourages the mosquitoes to appear. Another study claims that mosquitoes prefer people who sweat. The sweat mixed with cosmetic residue and dust can create a good environment for macro-life on our skin. The microorganisms that colonize our skin can attract mosquitoes through the smell of their excretions.

During the mating season, the female mosquitoes bite much more intensely than usual 

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Other hypotheses that say what attracts mosquitoes

Other research suggests that mosquitoes become aware of ammonia and uric acid. The increased body heat after exercise or a change in metabolism can also be exciting for the mosquitoes. If you enjoy a glass of alcohol in the open air in the evening, you shouldn’t be surprised by mosquito bites. It is said that nutrition plays a role, as does sweet perfume aromas. And we can only guess whether the electric light directly attracts the mosquitoes or simply signals to them that prey is waiting for them there. If you belong to the group of stung people and keep asking yourself what you can do about it, we would only say one thing: Put mosquito nets in all the windows in your apartment, wear long clothes when you go out and don’t forget to spray their skin with repellent. When camping or on vacation you can make do with various fresh herbs, which we reported in detail in the last article.

One can no longer imagine a vacation in the open air without repellants 

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How to keep mosquitoes away and how to treat mosquito bites naturally

The warmer the winter, the more mosquitoes we can expect in the coming summer. The storm may play a major role in the number of mosquitoes. The frequent rain and the areas close to the water also favor the population of the insects. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about it. For example, you can make your own scented candles using lavender and geranium oil. You can simply have a bunch of sage or elderflower around you. Now in the summer, many medicinal plants that are effective against mosquitoes grow and thrive. You can just as easily use rosemary or fennel oil to keep the pesky mosquitoes away. And if you have decided to take an outdoor vacation, mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar, shampoo, and coconut oil in a jar until it foams and place the jar uncovered in a place near you. The smell will limit unwanted visits from insects and can also be applied to the skin as well.

Mosquito nets are mandatory for windows and doors, especially if you are determined to camp in the summer 

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A glass of beer increases the chances of getting bitten by mosquitos 

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How to enjoy the summer free from mosquitos?

If you followed most of the advice and sprayed yourself regularly with natural repellant, you could significantly limit the mosquito attack. Frequent showering will also give you more quiet minutes. Avoid exaggerated smells and perfumes, at least in summer! Ventilate as often as you can and create a strong draft. With a fan in the room, the air is not only cooler, but also fresher and the mosquitoes don’t like that at all. This allows you to breathe in and out deeply without worrying about mosquitos.

Now we wish you a relaxing and fun summer without itching and buzzing mosquitoes! Until next time!

Whether mosquitoes prefer certain blood groups and not others is and remains a rumor 

what attracts mosquitoes to blood groups

Certain proteins in our blood promote the formation of eggs in female mosquitoes 

what attracts mosquitoes blood group

The mosquitoes can be contained with a draft and essential oils 

what attracts mosquitoes to drafts

Whether the light attracts the mosquitoes or just shows them that there are people there? 

what attracts mosquitoes in terms of light and warmth

Mosquitoes love to go on excursions in the rain and afterwards 

what attracts mosquitoes to love to fly in the rain

Stuffy air, body heat, moisture and carbon dioxide are fantastic conditions for the mosquitoes 

what attracts mosquitoes to lactic acid

Sweet perfumes immediately attract greedy mosquitoes 

what attracts mosquitoes to perfume

Pregnant and obese people reportedly exhale more carbon dioxide, which makes them attractive to mosquitoes 

Pregnant belly with big mosquito.

The more sporty and active a person is, the faster the mosquitoes will be attracted by them 

what attracts mosquitoes in sports

Mosquito bites are quickly and effectively soothed with pure lavender oil 

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Frequent showering can keep the pesky insects away for a while

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A mosquito can suck and carry more blood than its own body weight 

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Those who like to eat outside should expect uninvited guests 

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In the evening the mosquitoes wake up hungry and get ready for their first meal 

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what attracts mosquitoes