Losing hair on a daily basis is a completely normal affair. The hair renews itself at regular intervals, just like our skin, blood and body cells. In fact, up to 100 hairs are typically lost a day. Only if you have a larger number you should think about it and find the right treatment for hair loss depending on the causes and condition. You have probably heard of, or even thought about, hair transplantation for hair loss. It is not currently considered the most effective method of all for nothing. Nonetheless, there are some hair transplant alternatives that are more recommended in some specific cases. In the following lines you will learn more about this as well as about the different types of hair loss and the most common causes for it.

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What types of hair loss are there?

In order to give a thorough answer to the question asked in this way, we should also look for the most common causes of hair loss at the same time. The most common type of hair loss in men is known to be hereditary, also known as androgenic alopecia. It affects between 60-80% of men in Germany and almost every third woman also suffers from it. Typically for men between 25-45 years of age, this hair loss is also caused by hormones. In this case, the sensitive hair follicles react too strongly to the male sex hormone testosterone, which is converted into the active form dihydrotestosterone in the body through a hereditary predisposition. The stages go from a receding hairline to a half bald spot on the back of the head to a completely bald head in some cases.

Diffuse, non-disease-related hair loss is more often observed in women. It can have very different reasons – stress, malnutrition, changed hormone levels or different diets. With this type of hair loss, there are no completely bald spots on the scalp, but the hair becomes lighter and thinner overall.

Alopecia Areata is called circular hair loss in technical jargon. This results in round bald spots on the scalp that are often the size of a coin. It most commonly affects women and young people. The cause is suspected to be a specific weakening of the immune system that damages the hair roots.

Excessive heat, friction, some medications, inflammation, and radioactive exposure are other possible causes of hair loss in both men and women.

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Treatment of hair loss – the most important things at a glance

  • Hair transplant

It is not for nothing that this method is also called hair transplantation, but it is especially useful for hereditary hair loss. A hair transplant is no longer a taboo topic and is performed by both men and women. To put it simply, this involves transplanting your own hair from the back of the head or the sides of the head in areas that are affected by hair loss, for example the receding hairline in men. Hair transplantation is actually the only effective method at the moment, whereby very bald areas on the head can become hair again. You can choose between three options – the tried and tested FUT also known as the strip method, the FUE or the latest DHI method. The procedure as well as the prices of each method differ quite a bit from each other and depending on the specific case they have their advantages and disadvantages.

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And what are the basic costs of a hair transplant? Depending on the selected method, country, hair clinic and the required number of grafts / hair roots to be transplanted, the prices vary between € 1,800 and € 10,000. Not a cheap affair, but in most cases it achieves the best results and, above all, contributes a lot to your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are websites like the comparison portal TopHairClinic, where you can do a hair transplant comparison with just a few clicks and choose the best solution.

  • Hair pigmentation

Unlike a hair transplant, this method is not a surgical procedure. With hair pigmentation, small color pigments are placed in the scalp. In this way, the natural hair pigments and thus an optical hairline are imitated on the bald spots on the head. Even patients with light, thin hair can benefit from this gentle alternative method and give their hair a much better look. Women who suffer from diffuse hair loss and want fuller hair can also try hair pigmentation first. However, you should renew the process every 2-3 years so that the effect remains optimal. This method is relatively cheap. The costs vary between € 300 and € 3000.

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  • Autologous Blood Therapy (PRP)

A no less interesting alternative to hair transplantation is PRP treatment. It is not for nothing that this is also called autologous blood therapy. In this therapy, blood is taken from the patient’s arm, processed using a specific procedure and then injected into the scalp. This strengthens the weak hair and slows down hair loss somewhat. PRP is also not a surgical procedure and can be performed relatively quickly and easily. The costs are usually between 500 € and 2000 € and depend on the provider, the amount of PRP obtained and the regularity of the sessions.

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Whether it is a hair transplant for men or a hair transplant for women, this plastic surgery is definitely worth it, at least in most cases. This method is definitely recommended, especially when it comes to hereditary hair loss. You should still get good advice in advance and clarify conditions, location and prices. Depending on the case and personal constitution, an alternative method could provide sufficient help and lead to the desired results. Find the best solution for your hair and strengthen your self-confidence and personal happiness!

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