The winter depression has barely come to an end and spring fatigue is around the corner. According to the latest studies, around 40-50% of Germans are affected by this phenomenon. You feel limp and sluggish and it is very difficult to get up in the morning. In addition, many complain of indigestion, slightly depressive moods and occasional sleep disorders. Especially people who are sensitive to the weather always have the same problem in spring: annoying tiredness. While it is not a real disease, medical professionals note that such a tendency does indeed exist. In the following lines you will find out which are the main reasons for this and what you can actively do about it yourself.

Spring fatigue doesn’t have to be!

spring fatigue tips

The phenomenon of spring fatigue: what’s behind it?

It is claimed that the two main causes of spring fatigue are hormonal changes and the change in climate in spring. The concentration of the two hormones, serotonin and melatonin, which are responsible for the sleep-wake cycle, changes with the beginning of spring.

The days get longer and the light more intense. This has an effect on the low serotonin content at this time. This is because it increases slowly. At the same time, the melatonin level, which was too high during the winter, is slowly falling due to a lack of light. And it is precisely this hormonal readjustment that many people find quite uncomfortable. In addition, there are the warm temperatures, which are known to expand the blood vessels. The blood pressure drops. The whole package: tiredness and sluggishness, which mainly occur in March and April.

Sitting in the office for days increases the spring fatigue even more

spring fatigue office work

Fortunately, there is a lot that can be done about this. Get active and integrate a few helpful measures and activities into your everyday life that will give you more strength and a cheerful mood.

Here are our 8 tips against springtime fatigue!

# 1 tip: alternating showers

alternating shower against springtime tiredness

As soon as you get up you can start the first boost of energy for body and soul: take hot-cold alternating showers. This not only perks you up faster, but your circulation gets going in a natural way. Your immune system is strengthened and your self-conquest is trained.

# 2 Tip: exercise in the fresh air

cycling tip spring fatigue

Then it’s off to the fresh air! Depending on your lifestyle, work and personal preferences, you can practice different physical activities outside – cycling, yoga & Meditation, breathing exercises or just going for a walk. The main thing: more oxygen and enjoyment of movement! Spring fatigue doesn’t like that at all.

# 3 Tip: do moderate exercise

jogging springtime tiredness

Moderate sport and full-body training ensure a healthy training routine, which is particularly good for the organism in spring. Nevertheless, avoid too active sports and long training times, especially just before going to bed. These boost the body too much and then it needs more time to come to rest. Difficult falling asleep and exhaustion are inevitable.

# 4 Tip: drink a lot

drink a lot if you are tired in spring

Drink at least 2 liters of still mineral water a day. A fresh lemon squirt can work wonders in the morning. Unsweetened teas and freshly squeezed juices are also welcome hydration for the body. Minimize the amounts of coffee and black tea. Above all, listen to your own gut feeling and enjoy every sip in a relaxed and conscious manner.

# 5 Tip: take a short nap

take a nap in springtime tiredness

It’s not for nothing that Spaniards have their popular siesta every day. With spring fatigue that wouldn’t be a bad idea either. However, one should not exaggerate with this. A short nap of around 20-30 minutes during your lunch break or, if possible, outside in the garden is sufficient to recharge your batteries and refresh yourself. After that you are much more productive and motivated than before.

# 6 Tip: Good mood playlist

spring fatigue tips

With the right music and a nice book, any bad mood and other symptoms of springtime fatigue can be easily banished. It is best to prepare a playlist with your favorite good-mood music in advance. Then play these whenever you can. Move your body to the rhythm of the music. It’s also only mental if you are around people or in the office.

# 7 Tip: Pay attention to your diet

spring fatigue correct nutrition

It is not for nothing that most detox cures are carried out in spring. At this time of year, of all times, the body needs to cleanse itself from the inside and recharge it with new energy. Fresh, alkaline foods such as fruit and vegetables are particularly helpful here. Healthy vegetable proteins such as nuts, seeds and legumes are also highly recommended for a balanced diet against springtime fatigue.

Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids

food against spring fatigue

A great muesli with banana and honey also provides an extra portion of healthy energy

oatmeal bananas against springtime fatigue

Prepare delicious cream soups and smoothies made from vegetables and fruits

healthy cream soup spring fatigue

Combined with intermittent fasting, you can achieve amazing results in this way: noticeable lightness, a better mood and more zest for life. And the kilos simply tumble off as if by themselves.

A little hint: a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning immediately gets your metabolism going!

# 8 Tip: E-smog-free sleeping oasis

e-smog free bedroom spring fatigue

The TV doesn’t belong in the bedroom anyway. But cell phones, tablets and the like have no place in that either. Banish these devices from your sleeping oasis and minimize any e-smog as far as possible. Body and psyche come into equilibrium more easily and you can relax and recover much better. For easier sleep, try a few pages in a good book. Nevertheless, avoid too exciting, engaging reading that upsets the mind. This is because it becomes too active and in turn does not allow body and soul to really let go.

Integrate these tips into your everyday life the way you prefer and say goodbye to springtime tiredness!

We wish you a wonderful spring with lots of sun and fresh energy!

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