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How to Shop For The Best Boys Pants

Hi parents! We know you go to great lengths on finding the perfect kids apparel for your kids. With many kinds of cool and fashionable styles out there, there's tons of choices, but when it comes to finding something that not only fits and looks cool, it can be a challenge! Boys sure do grow up way too fast. Here's some of our best recommendations for finding boys pants, and kids apparel for your growing boy. The best boys pants have elastic waistbands. One of the top problems when shopping for boys is that they need proper fitting pants, and...

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3 CUTE Winter Styles You Need To Try

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Hi Bit'z Kids! The holiday season is still in full swing, even after Christmas. We know you all love this holiday weather and we're here to give you more style tips for cute kids outfits for the winter! Read on for more ways to make your kid cute and stylish, Bit'zKids style!

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5 Fun Winter Activities for Kids in NYC

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  Being from NYC ourselves, we're no stranger to the yearly holiday celebrations in NYC. From bright lights to Christmas shopping, here's our Top 5 Winter Activities to do with your kids in NYC or for anyone that's visiting the Big Apple soon in winter weather. Every November 30th NYC' favorite Christmas tree is lit for the Holiday season and tourists and native New Yorkers turn out to see the famous Christmas tree. The Rockefeller Tree will be lit until January 7th. It's one of those NYC traditions you have to see at least once in your lifetime. And after...

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10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Kids

Greetings all, It's the holidays and there's tons of hot chocolate, busy holiday plans, and family gatherings. Your little ones are probably expecting a lot of presents for Christmas. With all the last minute sales and deals, shopping for your darling can be tough! Read on for our last minute gift ideas for kids. Gingerbread house Holiday seasons bring holiday fun, and a sweet but classic idea is to get the kids together and make a sweet holiday gift with a gingerbread house. They're affordable to get and easy to make. Just follow the instructions and let their imagination roam...

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The Top 10 Things We Look Forward in Winter

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Greetings all! Even with the weather turning cold, there's still so many things to enjoy about winter! Here's some of our best things we adore about winter! Can't go wrong with candy canes and hot chocolate by the fireplace! No matter where you go, there will always be the candy canes on sale, and the swiss miss ready for drinking. Make it a bigger adventure by going to a speciality drink shop that brings out the most chocolate/cocoa filled hot chocolate beverages with tons of whipped cream on top.  We love candy canes and holiday prints for winter! Next? Cute...

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