Witches are one of the most popular characters who are always there for Halloween or Mardi Gras. Numerous fairy tales and novels, sagas and legends have given these mysterious magical figures even more attraction and made them even more interesting for the human imagination. Little and big girls in particular love to be able to put on make-up and get dressed as witches at costume parties. There are hardly any limits to creativity. There are bad witches, good witches, ones that you even find sexy or even those that are very small and cute.

A witch make-up can be done very realistically and laboriously as well as very quickly and easily. Depending on the time available as well as your own skills and materials, incredibly original and creative make-up ideas arise every time. Today we have many of them ready for you. Below you will also find four great instructions in pictures and videos on how you can make up witches yourself.

Have fun enchanting and a happy Halloween!

professional witch make-up for halloween

Scary witch applying make-up with instructions

This scary witch look can be implemented in just a few minutes. That means it is also suitable for your last minute Halloween make-up. Although it looks pretty professional, you can do it with little make-up experience.

You need:

  • a good light foundation
  • a large make-up brush
  • black eyebrow pencil
  • Eyeshadow in black or athracite
  • a small make-up brush
  • Glitter eyeshadow
  • black eyeliner
  • Highlighter brush
  • black mascara
  • false eyelashes, optional
  • black lipstick

An absolute eye-catcher at every Halloween party

creepy witch make up last minute halloween make up

And it starts:

  • First, use the large make-up brush to apply the foundation all over your face, including the eyelids, lips and neck. If you wish, you can make some areas such as the eye area even lighter, for example with an extremely light concealer.
  • Next, go to the eyebrows. Thicken and bend them with the black eyebrow pencil.
  • Now apply the eyeshadow using the smokey eyes principle. Pull out the outer edges of the eyes to create a striking look. A little glitter on the eyeshadow adds even more drama and makes the whole thing a little more playful.
  • Contour your cheeks a little more concisely with the help of a highlighter brush or black eyeliner.
  • Now all that remains is to apply the black lipstick and, if desired, draw fine lines from the eyes down with the eyeliner. Your witch’s dramatic, scary look is done!

And here everything is much more detailed in the video:

Sexy purple witch applying make-up with instructions

A Halloween witch doesn’t have to look scary. It can also be more seductive and mysterious. How about, for example, this unique witch look in purple?

You need:

  • bright foundation
  • well covering concealer
  • light cream eyeshadow in lavender
  • darker cream eyeshadow in purple
  • Cream eyeshadow in dark red
  • white highlighter eyeshadow
  • small and larger smokey eye brushes
  • Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush
  • black eyeliner
  • black volume mascara
  • false eyelashes
  • large highlighter brush
  • Kayal in purple
  • Lip brush
  • Liquid lipstick in purple or blue

Enchant everyone at the Halloween party!

purple make up witch make up halloween carnival

And this is how you proceed:

  • First, cover your eyebrows well with the help of the concealer. To do that perfectly, you can take a look at the glue stick method that you can find in many blogs or videos on Youtube.
  • Then apply the foundation to your face.
  • Start with the smokey eyes by first using the smaller brush to apply the lavender eyeshadow to and around the upper eyelid.
  • Then apply the darker eye shadow in purple and red one after the other to the edges of the eyes and blend the colors together with the help of the larger Smokey Eyes brush.
  • Highlight the center of the upper and lower eyelids with some white highlighter.
  • Then use the eyebrow pencil to draw long lines above the made-up eyes for your dramatic looking eyebrows.
  • Take the black eyeliner and draw fine contours on the upper eyelid by drawing them long and pointed. Likewise, apply some eyeliner to the lower eyelid or even the waterline.
  • Then apply the mascara to the lashes and glue your false lashes to it.
  • Now it’s the turn of the cheeks. You can contour these with gray and yellowish eyeshadows using the highlighter brush. Do the same with your chin and neck. These look much more expressive with outlines.
  • With the kayal in purple you can outline your lips and fill them in nicely with the liquid lipstick. complete!

Also take a look at the video:

Halloween make-up ideas for little, sweet witches

In principle, it’s much easier and less time-consuming to make up for children. But that doesn’t mean the result isn’t impressive enough. The following two make-up ideas for little witches definitely prove that.

A green witch of Oz applying make-up with instructions

little green witch of oz halloween make up

You need:

  • Children’s make-up in green, yellow, purple and black
  • Make-up sponges
  • thin brush
  • glittering children’s lipstick in purple

And this is how it is done:

1st step

green little witch make-up 01

2nd step

green little witch make-up 02

3rd step

green little witch make-up 04

4th step

green little witch make-up 05

5th step

green kliene witch make-up 06

6th step

green little witch make-up 08

7th step

green little witch make-up 09

The green witches of Oz seem to be an all-time trend for Halloween this year too. Applying make-up to a witch like this is pretty easy for children and can be done in a number of different ways in just a few steps. Just let your imagination run wild !

Last minute cute witch put on make-up with instructions

little witch doing makeup halloween party

You need:

  • Children’s make-up in pink and black
  • Children’s kayal in black
  • Make-up sponges
  • thin brush

How to do it:

1st step

children witch putting make-up on halloween

2nd step

children witch applying make-up halloween

3rd step

instructions witch make-up children halloween

4th step

children halloween make up witch make up

5th step

witch make-up for kids halloween

Below you will find even more inspiration for witches big and small! So you can transform yourself incredibly original and impressive this year and provide the necessary creepy or cute effect for Halloween.

Last minute scary witch put on make-up

simple halloween make up ideas witch make up

simple last minute halloween make up idea witch make up

scary witch doing make-up halloween make-up

jack o lantern witch make up

And so the witch even becomes sexy

last minute halloween witch make up

false eyelashes makeup halloween witch make up

mysterious sexy witch applying make-up

eye make up halloween witch make up

beautiful witch putting make up makeup idea halloween

halloween make up idea witch make up

sexy witch applying make-up blond green make-up

Green witches from Oz are all the rage for Halloween

green witch make-up made easy

green witch of oz make up   creepy little witch putting on make-up for halloween

little green witch putting on make-up

Even the witches like it colorful and glittering

sexy witch applying make-up halloween

witch doing make-up halloween glittering make-up

witch make up style dia de los muertos

And little witches can just be cute!

simple witch putting make-up on children

little cute witch putting on make-up for halloween          cute little witch doing make-up for kids halloween

beautiful halloween make-up little witch make-up