children's room wall decals animals dinosaur funny illustrations for boys

Liven up children’s rooms with images of dinosaurs 

In the children’s rooms, it’s all about the fun, imagination and creativity of the little ones, don’t you think? Thank goodness, you have an ever larger selection of topics that you can apply there.

They can be fantastic fairy tales, iconic sports legends, and much more.

Do you know the fossil collector Mary Anning? She inspired me to present this collection of motifs with dinosaurs that can be ideally attached to the nursery.

Nursery wall decals – dinosaurs on the wall

children's room wall decal animals dinosaur learning corner design wall decoration ideas

All of the murals and works of art selected today manage to liven up the rooms and convey a unique theme. Some are very bulky and visually appealing, and others add more finesse and color. That turns them into suitable accessories even in the children’s bedroom. Playful, captivating and bold are all these motifs that bring us into the world of Jurassic.

Colored prehistoric friends

Designing the children’s room can very often turn out to be a very difficult task. You have a lot of options to choose from. The first thing to consider is the taste of your child. Do your little ones like colored dinosaurs? Then you should equip their rooms with wall paper on such topics.

But don’t you want to frighten the little ones with giants? Check out the example below! There you have small, funny and multicolored dinosaur figures!

Creative wall tattoos in the nursery

kids room wall decals animals dinosaur wall decor ideas

 Colored equipment with dinosaurs

children's room wall decal animals dinosaur playroom design wall decoration ideas

Funny and multicolored dinosaurs

nursery animals wall decals dinosaur wall decoration ideas cot

Bring the walls to life

The dinosaur themes are actually more suitable for boys’ nurseries. You can also replace the wall paper and paintings with 3D representations. This creates a new dimension in the children’s bedroom. Decorating with large dinosaur pictures that look like they will climb up the wall at any moment is most suitable for children between the ages of 7 and 12. You are sure to enjoy the dramatic appearance of the room. This also creates a central fulcrum in the room.

3D representations of dinosaurs

kids room wall paint ideas animals 3d dinosaur wall decorate

Cot headboard

children's room design wall decor ideas cot headboard dinosaur shape

Prehistoric friends on the wall

design children's room wall decor ideas dinosaur bunk bed

3D wall design

kids room wall decor ideas animals 3d dinosaur creative wall design

kids room animals wall decal 3d dinosaur wall decorate

The linchpin in the children’s room

kids room boy wall paint blue wall tattoo dinosaur

Upscale, modern, aesthetically pleasing

There are many suitable ways to decorate teenagers’ rooms with dinosaur paintings and wall paper. Upscale wall paintings with Hollywood pictures, together with the natural and scientific broadcasts, ensure that these are figures that really existed.

Youth room with dinosaur wall wallpaper

design children's room wall decals wall mural ideas dinosaur

Minimalist wall paper with dinosaur images

children's room design wall decals wall wallpapers wall design ideas dinosaur

Do you want another simple way to bring in the dinosaur theme? Consider framed wall art with these animals. This can be just the thing for children who often change their wishes. These can be easily exchanged.

Funny wall decoration in pop-art style

design children's room wall design with pictures dinosaur pop art

Dinosaur theme in the nursery

kids room design wall design ideas dinosaur tent country style

Dinosaur wall design

kids room wall decals wall design ideas dinosaur bedding carpet

Design youth rooms for boys

kids room design wall decor ideas dinosaur head

Plush toys and murals with dinosaurs

design children's room wall design with pictures dinosaur wall art

Minimalistic, modern and thematic

kids room design mural modern decor ideas dinosaur

Do you want to use simple wall art as an addition to the dinosaur theme? Add plush toys, duvets with dinosaurs, rugs, and accessories into consideration. You can also easily swap out all the accessories and swap this for a different topic.

Interactive game with magnets

Do you want to fill your child’s room with magic? Then the world of magnetic wall murals can help you a lot. Here we see a magnetic dinosaur mural in green and yellow. Its author is Sian Zeng. You can transform the children’s room into a hut where you can let your imagination run wild.

The mural wallpaper seems like any other at first. The magnetic properties help the little ones tell their own dinosaur story.

Actually, you have a dynamic history canvas that you can fill with content yourself.

Dino theme in action

kids room wall decals wall murals dinosaur pattern

kids room wall decals wall murals dinosaur pattern toys

Modern wall design with magnetic wall wallpapers

children's room wall murals dinosaur illustrations

Dinosaurs and helicopters in the game

children's room wall murals dinosaur illustrations wall design for children

Do you find one or more examples of the design of your children’s room fascinating? We hope we have helped you find what is right for you!