Living room design – How to transfer the Christmas mood into the living room

Are you nostalgic for the old days when Christmas was really special in your family? What was that probably? You are sure to still use beautiful Christmas decorations today!

Living room design and beautiful decoration ideas, how you embellish it for Christmas

living room design christmas christmas tree red accents

Our everyday life gives us fewer and fewer opportunities to escape the harsh reality. That is why the elaborate procedure for festive organization, including decoration, is no longer so popular: it seems superficial to many and does not awaken the Christmas spirit. The Christmas decorations can be a little more economical, but they have to be made for us and our family.

It doesn’t have to appear lavish, luxurious and pompous. It always comes down to the little details that help us not to lose faith in beauty and optimism.

Living room design ideas for the coming Christmas

interior decor living room christmas fireplace decorate

Decorated for Christmas, the country house living room becomes a particularly cozy place

living room design deco ideas christmas country style christmas tree stone wall


We started our article with the topic of nostalgia and we now want to take up this aspect again in the Christmas decorations. You don’t have to completely reorganize Christmas the way it used to be. Instead, pick up certain details, and they should be the very details that come to your mind as soon as you think about the best of your childhood. They can be used in Christmas decorations or as decorations for the table and shelves.

Christmas decorations give every living room additional comfort

interior decoration living room christmas fireplace christmas stockings garlands christmas tree

Scandinavian style with Christmas touches

The Scandinavian design is inspired by the winter forests of the north. Thus, it already brings one of the most important features of the Christmas mood with it. You can introduce the rest as accents: nostalgic, shiny Christmas balls, red stockings by the fireplace, artfully designed and distributed gifts of nature. With all of this, you need to keep the right measure!

Christmas decorations in Scandinavian style

interior decoration living room christmas wall decoration garland

Ivory and gold

Have you always wanted a classy Christmas decoration like the one in the films? You certainly do not need so much resources and money to design them. Instead, choose the right color palette and stick to it. Design the Christmas tree decorations and the rest of the decorations in ivory and gold. This concept works best in minimalist, modern spaces.

An excellent combination of colors makes the Christmas decorations appear a little different

living room design deco ideas christmas fancy christmas tree golden

Red and various shades of white

The white color can be found in so many different shades! Use several of these to achieve an interesting look. Set red accents in parallel, but also make sure that they are little and particularly noticeable.

White living room with red accents

interior living room christmas white interior christmas tree

… or only in white

You don’t really need the red accents. Just stick to the white color in combination with natural festive decorations, in which the Christmas tree and the other green details dominate. Your room will look like a snow-covered forest. That’s Christmassy enough, isn’t it?

Decorate the living room in bright colors for Christmas

interior living room christmas beautiful christmas tree bright wallpaper many gifts

Spice up the white interior design just with green for Christmas

interior decoration living room christmas dining area christmas tree

Great living room for Christmas in orange

Instead of the traditional red color, you can just as successfully use orange in the living room. This also charges the room with energy, but looks a lot more original and exotic. This is a successful concept if you already have furniture in this color in the room. Carry on using this shade anywhere in the room: use it for wrapping paper and other details. Balance it out with carpets and other textiles in white and neutral shades.

Orange accents for the festive table decoration

living room design deco ideas christmas orange accents

Traditional decoration for Christmas

living room design decorating ideas christmas christmas tree gifts

Stylish ideas on how to create a festive mood for Christmas

living room design fireplace shine deco christmas

Elegant and festive …

living room design christmas decoration ideas wreath garland decoration items

Scandinavian furnishing and decoration

interior living room scandinavian style christmas

Christmas wreaths and Christmas tree – the typical Christmas decorations

living room design deco ideas christmas fresh zebra carpet

Golden accents in the Christmas decorations

interior decoration living room christmas elegant design stylish decoration

Like in the beautiful Christmas films …

interior decoration living room christmas christmas tree gifts family celebrations cozy

Candles bring even more cosiness

interior decoration living room christmas cozy interior design

Choosing a suitable Christmas tree if the living room walls are green

interior living room christmas green walls beautiful christmas tree

Nice decoration and festive mood

interior living room christmas fireplace fur rug cozy