We know the time before Christmas as the magical and contemplative season of Advent. Finally, after the fourth Advent, the beloved time of giving presents comes, which especially the little ones look forward to.

Many of you may have noticed that the following period up to January 6th is also very special. Usually these are the holidays, arrival and departure days, which we fully enjoy and for which we often feel a slight gratitude.

The time after Christmas is better known as the Rauhnächte, which is what we are talking about today.

The Rauhnächte 2017 begins on Christmas Eve

Rauhnaechte 2017 spruce needles

Similar to Halloween and Carnival, there is a custom to dress up as a hideous figure

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When are the rough nights?

For those who hear this term for the first time, this is the 12 nights after Christmas that are still known as Holy Nights.

The origin of the Rauhnächte is purely pagan, but is still cultivated as a ritual both in Germany and in many areas in Europe.

Speaking of pagan origins, let us remind you that our ancestors celebrated the winter solstice, which takes place on December 21st, as the rebirth of light. For this reason, the first rough night on the night of the winter solstice counted. Today the Rauhnächte begins in the night from December 24th to December 25th. and last until 06.01.

Various resins and flowers are used to ritually smoke the house and its inhabitants

Rauhnaechte 2017 smoking herbs

The essential oils contained in resins have a positive effect on our psyche

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What are the rough nights?

If you combine the time before Christmas with reflection and comfort, you should think of the time afterwards as a time of knowledge and forgiveness. It is said that during the Twelve Rough Nights the border between the hereafter and this world is very thin and that one has one last chance to slip into the new year with a clear conscience.

One sees the time of the rough nights as a transition between the old and the new

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The Rauhnächte 2017 will start again on Christmas Eve and by then all the work should be done, because you are not allowed to work during the Rauhnächte, but clean your house, body and heart by smoking. That sounds a lot like “hocus-pocus”, but it’s very easy to explain.

Next to frankincense, juniper seeds and spruce needles are the most popular incense

rauhnaechte 2017 findings

In fact, various resins such as frankincense or amber are used, which have a positive effect on the human psyche due to the naturally pure essential oils they contain. You smoke with herbs, roots or flowers that are rich in essential oils. The seeds of the juniper, the spruce needles, sage, mugwort, verbena and bay leaf are popular incense. The cloves, the mint and the peel of all citrus fruits are also easy to get and very effective.

If necessary, you can also smoke with incense sticks

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You can smoke with incense sticks or smoking men without any effort. These incense are certainly known to many, but few – aware.

Although this ritual is supposed to be pagan, we often see it in churches and religious institutions

rauhnaechte 2017 churches

In some churches incense is still used for smoking

rauhnaechte 2017 church

Essential oils clear the mind and purify the soul 

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How many of you reach for the smoke cones, especially at Christmas time?

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Wishes in the rough nights

A long, long time ago the farmer viewed the aforementioned Rauhnächte as a kind of oracle. You could almost predict the future for each of the next twelve months. Today you use the time to return to yourself, maybe to let go and to feel the inner peace. Every night you can express your good wish for the new year, find inner peace and start the new year balanced and recharged.

The traditional smokers can be described as cultural assets 

rauhnaechte 2017 smokers

Incense can also be wrapped as a Christmas present 

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Whether you have your rough nights with or without smoking, just take the time to better classify the thoughts and feelings and try to be a better person!

Smoking in a modern way 

rauhnaechte 2017 modern

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The shape you choose for smoking is not important. What is important is the effect on your train of thought 

rauhnaechte 2017 kite

A small but very useful gift 

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Juniper branches can also be used for decorative purposes 

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Find out your closest fragrance 

rauhnaechte 2017 the rose of jeriho

Pine cones smell of tree sap and can also be used for smoking 

Rauhnaechte 2017 spruce resin

The Christmas scent is good for smoking and also for baking 

rauhnaechte 2017 orange oil psyche

rauhnaechte 2017 orange eulalyptus

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rauhnaechte 2017 essential oils christmas scent

Rauhnaechte 2017 anise

rauhnaechte 2017 eucalyptus

rauhnaechte 2017 essential oils

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rauhnaechte 2017 pure natural essential oils

rauhnaechte 2017 oil lamp

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