coffee table solid wood rustic furniture living room sofa white wood color felltepich

Coffee table wood in both rustic and modern living rooms

Are you looking for a matching coffee table? One made of wood could be just the thing!

Convertible, radiating warmth, always up-to-date, noble – these are the features that characterize a wooden coffee table.

There are hardly any exceptions to be mentioned. The tables that we want to display today are very many and they are simply all perfectly adapted to the particular situation in which they find themselves.

The first coffee table is exotic. It represents a well-chiseled block with sharp edges. The objects around it are super exotic. They will remind you of great vacation moments in a warm, tropical place.

The wooden furniture gives it a noble character

square wood coffee table solid wood coffee table

Clear, straight lines and smooth surfaces characterize the entire room. They all appear like a projection of one another. So is the table, but only to a certain extent. Because through the gap in the middle and the candles, it appears like a magical center within the room. The harmony is achieved here through repetition. Take a look at the lamp that goes so well with it.

Garden furniture set made of wood

coffee table wood solid garden furniture set outdoor furniture wood

In today’s next example, the tree still seems to be in good shape. Yes, we have a perfectly chiseled, minimalist shape here. But the rough surface is reminiscent of the tree’s origin at every moment. You draw energy from it in a wonderful way. Take a look at this wonderful piece! Certainly it cannot be confused with anything artificial.

The natural wood color can be combined with all color nuances

Coffee table solid wood color scheme beige living room modern furnishing

The next wooden coffee table has a similar idea. But by smoothing and painting the surface, the solution appears much more abstract despite the natural break.

Coffee table made of wood and glass

With some coffee tables, the wood actually plays a subordinate role. This is exactly what you can see in our last two examples. The table was created by the wood and glass in such a way that it inscribes itself seamlessly into the ambience. The first material was used to create the shelf, and the second – to make the base.

Natural wood table

coffee table wood dining table with chairs wood furniture

Wooden and rattan furniture

coffee table solid wood living room rattan furniture sofa

In both cases, the shapes and materials were included in the concept of the overall ambience. So this piece of furniture can be seamlessly inscribed in it. But in the first case, the sculptural appearance of the base gave it a little more meaning. In the second, on the other hand, they opted for simple, inconspicuous forms. So you have achieved the effect of “disappearing” perfectly. This makes the decoration with flowers all the more important, which notices the presence of this fabulous wooden coffee table.

A real antique piece of furniture

coffee table wood antique living room furniture wood floor carpet

Coffee table made of wood with small gold accents on the table feet

coffee table wood gold accents seat cushions carpet floor fringed carpet

Coffee table with an interesting shape that offers extra storage space

Solid wood coffee table with storage space for living room sofa

The small round wooden table – the classic among the coffee tables

coffee table round wood white metal frame elegant living room furniture

 It’s small and black, but it’s not a dress

Coffee table round wood black elegant living room furnishing modern

 In white or in the natural wood color

Coffee table round wood white side table living room decorate modern

 In different sizes

coffee table round wood white side table living room sofa

 Combination of two coffee tables of different sizes

coffee table round wood white wall design living room design relaxation corner

 Harmonious design

coffee table round wood white wall design living room sofa furnishing ideas

A sturdy wooden plate with metal legs

coffee table wood wooden plate drink coffee living room furnishing

 Modern, innovative design – combination of wood, glass and metal

coffee table solid wood black glass modern furniture design

 Designer ideas – Decide for yourself whether you want to use these coffee tables separately or together

coffee table round wood metal frame elegant designer ideas living room furniture

 Wooden side table

coffee table wood square rustic metal frame furnishing living room

The typical coffee table shape is rectangular, or?

coffee table wood wooden top metal frame carpet floor colored pattern

Simple construction – assemble wooden planks and attach rollers to do so

Solid wood coffee table on castors

Rustic coffee table made of solid wood

coffee table wood rustic furniture living room sofa

Turn tree stumps into an original coffee table

coffee table solid wood stump living room sofa

The beauty of natural wood

coffee table wood metal feet table legs metal frame tree stump

Located very low

  Coffee table solid wood fur carpet living room modern design

 Use rustic accents

Coffee table solid wood living room decorate rustic

Relaxation corner with lots of cuddly soft throw pillows

coffee table solid wood living room furnishing ideas throw pillows

Combine modern and rustic accents

  coffee table solid wood living room wall design ideas

Completely in country style

coffee table solid wood living room brick wall sofa

Put strong colors into play

coffee table wood rustic furniture living room sofa wall color white seat cushions

Wooden coffee table with a lower compartment

coffee table wood carpet chevron pattern black white

Classic and elegant

coffee table wood white wooden floor wall decoration carpet runner pattern

Impressive wooden coffee tables made by hand

coffee table round wood solid wood oriental accents living room sofa

The garden furniture set also includes a coffee table

 coffee table wood wood carving gazebo relaxation corner shape garden furniture set

Wood and glass as natural materials

coffee table wood glass solid wood robust rustic