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Colored interior – use the wealth of precious stones

Jewels can be a smelly source of inspiration when it comes to color schemes. Let yourself be inspired by nature and choose colors similar to these of the precious stones for your interior design. The colors of the jewels are gorgeous and go very well with creating a colorful interior.

Research gem colors and choose the most suitable for you. Amethyst, emerald, jade, turquoise, sapphire, citrine, ruby, topaz, malachite, lapis lazuli – all are adorable.

Colored interior – use contrasts

colorful furnishing jewels colors green clear fresh

Determine one color as mainly for the walls and / or the ceiling and another – contrasting or complementary as a secondary color. Neutral and metallic tones are suitable for balancing.

Mix different gem colors for multi-colored design. The aim is to create harmonious, colorful interiors.

It is important to use accents. Accessories and individual pieces of furniture in gemstone colors expressively emphasize a facility in neutral tones. Chairs, upholstered armchairs, cupboards, chests of drawers – you can put every piece of furniture in the center with color accents.

Feel the power of the colors 

colorful furnishing jewels colors splendidly exposed

Create a harmonious atmosphere

colored interior gemstones blue turquoise harmony

Use colored accents

colored interior gemstones blue shelves wood natural

Pick your favorite color

colorful furnishing jewels colors nature harmony diversity

Focus on a contrasting color

colored-interior-gemstones-inspiration-turquoise-harmony Green and blue are a very natural combination

colored interior gemstones inspiration colorful contrast

Purple makes the room look lively

colored interior gemstones inspiration purple green contrast

You can use the neutral colors as a background

colorful furnishing jewels richly colored purple