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What you should consider when buying a latex paint

 The latex color is preferred for interior decoration in most cases. This fact is of course not unfounded. Although most of the latex paints nowadays no longer contain real latex, they have too many advantages to give priority to them.

 What is the latex paint made of? The natural latex comes from the rubber tree. This material is made from its juice and was initially used as a binder in color production. For economic and environmental reasons, the production of real latex turns out to be quite expensive. So it is replaced by synthetic resin. This means that you can be almost certain that when you buy a latex paint you are getting a normal wall paint with synthetic resin additives.

Nevertheless, the color retains all the positive properties of real latex

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Every latex paint is very hard-wearing, scrubbable, elastic, water-repellent and easy to clean. As you can already guess, latex paint is just perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and even your stairwell.

Latex paints can be applied very thinly and easily. In addition, they dry out pretty quickly. Usually around 4 hours is enough. Then you can add the second layer on top.

Prepare all the necessary utensils in good time

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In the first place comes the water vapor impermeability. A plastic film forms on the walls and they can no longer breathe well. This promotes the formation of mold.

Because of the synthetic resins it contains, latex paints are not particularly exemplary in terms of environmental compatibility. The artificial color conceivably does not degrade. Unfortunately, many pollutants also remain in the air long after the actual painting. That is why it is also advisable not to use such colors in the children’s room and bedroom. When buying latex paint, be sure to check whether it contains formaldehyde. This additive is suspected of having serious harmful effects. To be even safer, choose colors that have been eco-labeled. An example of this – “The Blue Angel”!

Use special gloves whenever possible

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For those of you who want to paint your walls completely environmentally friendly and harmless to health, we recommend the glue paints. These natural colors do not contain any pollutants or solvents, only natural dyes that are mixed with water-soluble adhesives.

Last but not least, there is also the disadvantageous fact that the opacity of latex paints is definitely lower compared to equivalent, conventional wall paints. To do this, however, painting over with another color is not so easy. Especially with the high-gloss variants, you should first sand the wall before painting over it, otherwise the new color will not hold up well.

So, depending on the room, budget and worldview, you can choose your perfect wall color. When buying, keep our advice in view and take advantage of it!

    Different painting techniques can also be implemented with latex paints latex paint yellow wall paint paint walls Choose the right color for each individual area

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Paint rollers with a long rod are particularly recommended for high ceilings

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Prefer oil paints for wood textures

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A ladder is essential when painting the walls

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If the surface is rougher, you can also apply the first layer with a brush

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Don’t forget to take care of the flooring

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A colorful, successful result

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