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Pink in nature and how can you learn to deal with pink from nature

From the purity of the pink sky in the morning over the ocean, over the marketable rhubarb and to the French breakfast radishes, there is a pink for every mood and personality. It is true that with pink you can sometimes go in the wrong direction.

Does anyone fancy cotton candy and princess ponnies??

But you can do a lot more with this color. In this article we are guided by nature and it will teach us to use interesting and richly varied nuances.

In my opinion, this is one of the shades that offers the most variety in nature. It varies from the pink tinted morning clouds to the almost red ripe raspberries. Think of the bunches of rosatuples and the roses at the newsagents, as well as the radishes and watermelons in the market.

Pink and lavender

Pink color design

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In keeping with the color wheel, lavender and pink occur together in nature. This combination works well at home too. Just look how these pink and lavender accessories complement each other wonderfully. You can draw inspiration from the various petals of the fuchsia and from the wonderful spread of pinks and purples in English hut styles.


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Pink is a color that you either hate or love. If you like them, then go for them and don’t hesitate. In fact, bright pink is rarely found out there in large quantities. Mother nature in particular seems to have recognized that this color comes into its own in small doses.

But if you are not listening to your own mother why should you be guided by Mother Nature’s opinion?

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 If you’re brave enough, paint an accent wall or an entire room this shade. Or maybe if you just want to get in touch with this effect, then paint the floor of an otherwise crispy white room.

The color of sunrise and sunset

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The healthy tin of pink is a balance to the warm, shiny sunrise and the pink nuances of the sunset. Soft tangerine with pink nuances with strawberries ice pink and soft blue shades make for an inspiring sunset combination. Bring together many shapes of pink and tangerine and mix them with more intense blues for a more dramatic look left over from the sunset.

Imagine what it would look like if you brought the colors of these pictures home.

Pink of the sea shells

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 These soft pink shades are almost neutral. They are on the inside and outside and go wonderfully with the brown and beige of the shells, stones, in the sand and on the creatures that live on the seabed.

Sea shell pink nuances are extremely adaptable and easy to use

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Applied next to skin colors, this shade flutters and seems to come to life under the lamplight.

Soft sea shell pink tones also look wonderful as accents when paired with sand, linen, white and Cafe au Leit.

The color palette of this elegant bedroom could have come straight from a source that is full of beautiful shades

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 Pay special attention to the padded headboards, sea shell pink walls, crispy white bedspreads, and warm pink pumpkin vase.

Color combinations inspired by flowers

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Are you looking for a bolder choice? Take a close look at each pink color and you will find a color scheme that you can use flawlessly.

Pick a flower that can be embellished with yellow, lavender, green, and deeper pink. Pull these through in your living room and something spectacular will surely glow.

Maybe it will look something like this living room. A couple of pink pillows on the couch and two ample yellow armchairs add a dose of fresh color to the otherwise neutral room. Think of the way pink has been dealt with here: A pale background lets the pink nuances come into their own.

Smoky pink

Pink color scheme living room pink color scheme

Abundant, warm pink nuances with a bit of gray or brown appear upscale (despite the prejudices against pink) and they are equally appealing to men and women. Warm pink, peony and the raspberries in their smoky versions look magical together with brown and champagne.

So do you like to try something with pink in your home? If asked about this article what your favorite shade of pink is, what would you answer?

  Amazing upholstered armchair made of velvet

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Contemporary interior design – ornate furniture

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Pink tiles with a neon effect

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Glowing pink wall design

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Bouquets, covers and pillows

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Nice, fresh wall design in pink

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Comfortably covered sofa

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Contemporary office

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Dressing room in the girl’s room

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Dotted pink throw pillows

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Pale pink color – cute motifs

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