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Exclusive women’s fashion from Peter Hahn


Peter Hahn fashion existed 50 years ago. But how was she then? It’s about the 60s. Colored and lush clothes predominated in everyday fashion. At that time, the floral patterns and the geometric shapes were also super modern.

50 years of Peter Hahn Mode 

50 years of peter hahn women's fashion

The integration of such patterns into today’s fashion is like “retro”?

It would be too simplistic to say that the integration of such elements into today’s Peter Hahn fashion is just “retro”. Retro elements have seen a huge evolution in recent years. Their development can primarily be explained by technological advances. They have been there in one form or another over the years. The way they are presented best shows how innovative a brand is.

Current summer colors – orange and yellow

peter hahn exclusive women's fashion color trends

Retro elements experienced a very great evolution

peter hahn mode womenswear summer dress green

Flower patterns are in

peter hahn women's fashion feminine summer dresses

The Peter Hahn fashion and the innovations

The history of Peter Hahn Mode is full of innovations in traditional patterns and fabrics. The brand has been known for 50 years. Its creation came with an attempt to rediscover the fashion of knitwear for the elegant modern people. One has started to produce the clothes from the highest quality llama and alpaca wool.

High quality women’s fashion made from natural fibers

peter hahn mode womenswear dresses and accessories

Brands like Peter Hahn show great persistence due to the fresh design and the highest quality that they offer. They always remain innovative and elegant at the same time.

Dresses made from the highest quality llama and alpaca wool

peter hahn mode womenswear winter trends

The luxury brands and the Peter Hahn fashion

The Peter Hahn company also worked for other brands. Some models were bought from Escada or Pretty Ballerinas.

Elegant black and white tops for everyday business

peter hahn women's fashion dresses summer trends

Fashion for confident women

peter hahn fashion ladies fashion business tops

The products are available in three countries

Peter Hahn fashion is not only available internationally through the luxury brands. As I said, clothes from well-known designer companies can be bought all over the world. In the online shop but you can purchase them directly in Germany, France and Great Britain from Peter Hahn.

Peter Hahn dresses

peter hahn fashion womens fashion dresses

For the winter season, we recommend you look at the dresses with 60s prints! They have the necessary classic elegance and at the same time look super modern.

Elegant winter coat in black

current fashion trends women's fashion winter fashion coat

Jeans never go out of style

peter hahn women's fashion dresses jeans fabric

Refreshing fabric swatches in retro style

peter hahn fashion ladies fashion pattern retro accents

Business outfit

peter hahn fashion business fashion ladies skirt

Stylish clothes for the winter season

peter hahn fashion ladies fashion dresses knee length