Contemporary tables for a modern sculptural appearance

Today is exactly three modern dining tables with chairs Models from the company Cattelan Italia. They made their debut this year at the international furniture fair in Milan.

But with this you can definitely increase the style quotient of your house.

So you would definitely bring upscale style to your home. Because it is unique thanks to the geometric and visual contrasts that it offers.

In all of these models, the traditional table base is taken up and reinterpreted.

The key feature of the trio is bringing together contemporary design with the classical spirit. This comes about thanks to the slim silhouette and the creative design of each individual model. These are all functional, aesthetic and inimitable.

They are sure to set the stage for great modern equipment.

Greek inspirations

Modern dining tables with chairs

Are you a fan of ancient Greek sculpture and art? Then the PLISSET model will blow you away in no time. It was created with a sense of panache and drama by Raffaello Gagliotto.

The table has an exceptional base covered in rosewood marble. It is guaranteed to immediately become the focal point of every room in any kitchen and dining area. Business premises would also benefit a lot from this model. The glass surface represents the perfect contrast to the robust base.

You create a captivating interplay of light and shadow and its contoured base is in fact a ShowStopper

Round table with glass top

Geometric style and marine magic

The SKORPIO table uses a completely different approach. When it comes to its base, it all depends on the crisp, straight lines. Thus, this table fits super well in modern, minimalist and transition rooms.

The legs appear to cross each other and they visually form an X shape. This contributes to the geometric variety in the room. Here, too, you are dealing with a transparent glass or specially manufactured oak base. You have the option of choosing the variant that best suits your interior design.

The table was designed by Andrea Lucatello and Paolo Catellan

Solid wooden table top

This gives the room a completely new character

Sculptural construction – geometric lines

Natural wood as a tabletop

Now we come to the third table of this trio. It is a matter of VIETATO BAGNARSI,  around a side table and the last two pictures are dedicated to it. The limited series was created by Giulio Lazzotti. The playful and modern little details were inspired by the fins of a dolphin. It doesn’t really take a lot of imagination to notice this.


Actually, this applies to all three models. Which one would you choose?