Planning your move early – the key to a stress-free move

Moving is a new beginning and as such it is of course difficult. And we don’t mean the weight of the moving boxes. In order for a change of residence to go smoothly and as stress-free as possible, all related details should be well thought out in good time. Accurate organization can save you a lot of effort, stress and even unnecessary physical labor.

Moving planning includes many factors that should definitely not be considered at the last minute. Take enough time to go over all the details of moving house. This is the only way to ensure that nothing is forgotten, lost or broken.

Planning a move – what should you watch out for??


If you do not have the time or inclination to plan the move yourself, you can trust experienced moving experts and leave the entire organization to a professional moving company. A professional moving company offers a great deal of relief. Of course, this has its price, but if you are planning a private move yourself, you will also have to pay a lot of moving costs. It is better to consider both options in detail, calculate all possible costs, as well as advantages and disadvantages, and only then make a final decision. You can do this following comparison of moving costs be very helpful.

Do you really need a professional moving company?


If you pack your belongings in moving boxes yourself, you should make sure that the boxes are designed for exactly that. Thin cardboard boxes or banana boxes are not a reliable choice when moving. Double-walled cardboard boxes that can take up to 40 kg can be purchased or borrowed for € 2.30. So you can be sure that they won’t break, that they are easy to carry and that they are strong enough.

Organization is half the process of moving house


Now the real packing can begin. There are also some important rules that should not be underestimated. Heavy items are packed at the bottom of the moving boxes and everything that is light goes to the top. The boxes are then necessarily labeled so that unpacking is much easier and faster. Things that are needed until the end, pack up on the last day and label the boxes with the heading, for example "Miscellaneous". However, you must not pack the moving boxes too full or too heavy. This can prove to be extremely disadvantageous during transport and carrying.

A suitable moving vehicle is also very important. Here again the heavy boxes and furniture are assigned first and only then everything light.

There are some important rules about packing

Moving-organizing-tips-clutter-moving boxes

Well planned and supported by good friends and acquaintances, the move can not only run smoothly, but also be fun and pleasant. After all the effort and stress, the day of moving is over quickly … Enjoy your new apartment and the new beginning!

With a moving checklist, everything will run smoothly