What you definitely shouldn’t miss on a tour of India

Since the 1960s, India has been an attractive travel destination for all travel enthusiasts who want to go / fly far beyond their own borders. Exoticism, spirituality, wisdom and the search for the true core in oneself – these are the most common reasons and motives that attract people to India.

You weren’t in yet India, but have heard so many beautiful stories and would like to experience these fabulous contrasts of the gigantic land live? Are you fascinated by the 5000 year old history of civilization and plan to see miles of beaches as well as to visit small villages and high mountains? You would be reluctant to forego the comforts in life and even if you are not a fan of waste, do you want some well-deserved comfort on vacation? We can fully understand this and are always on the lookout for alternative ideas and offers that make our readers’ lives better and more beautiful.

A tour of India can be surprisingly different

india round trip moped driving tiger kerala title

Rent a moped and see the splendor of the country 

India round trip driving a moped

which the most beautiful destinations for your very individual India tour  and what you absolutely must not miss, we present to you here. In addition to the obligatory visit to the legendary TajMahal and the long-planned trip to Varanasi, you can also visit the city of Dharamsala, made famous by the Dalai Lama.

Listen to the legend about the construction of the Taj Mahal 

India round trip moped ride tiger safari taj mahal

Visit the holy city on the Ganges

India round trip moped ride tiger safari varanasi

The incredibly beautiful India is not only associated with spirituality. For the adventurous among us, we would like to show a side of India that has so far remained more or less unknown. Those who have always dreamed of an exotic and wild safari trip can look forward to the following Travel tips for a safari in India  heed.

Get to know beautiful places and people 

India round trip moped ride tiger child

A long trip needs to be planned well and thoroughly in advance. It is highly advisable that you take a little more time for your India trip or contact a specialized tour operator. So you can get to know all the beautiful and unforgettable places and people in India in peace and without stress.

Climb mountains and experience India up close and personal 

India round trip climbing mountains

Get to feel the authentic culture of the country 

india round trip moped driving tiger kerala title