Make lamps and lampshades yourself from recycled materials

There’s something really satisfying about making useful items yourself, especially when they’re made from recycled materials. If you’re eco-friendly, smart, and creative in thinking, here are some great designer lamp craft ideas such as table lamps or lampshades that will literally brighten your day.

The homemade DIY projects are becoming more and more popular right now as they add an extraordinary touch to our everyday life and home. Not all of these are made entirely from recycled materials, but they can certainly save you a lot of money. If you’re skilled, maybe you could try one of our suggestions at home for yourself. Anyway, take a look at our other DIY furniture and decorations! Only a few of these items require professional tools.

Build a designer lamp yourself

There is a wide variety of DIY lamps on the market to choose from – here are just a few of our favorite pieces. A designer lamp is a great way to impress your guests and create an eye-catcher at home. They look very effective and beautiful when they are thematically combined with your living style. Once you make an amazing chandelier yourself out of plastic bottles or spoons, everything else would seem like a breeze.

The possibilities are endless!

Hanging lamps made from hangers 

Another variant

White ball lamp in the bedroom

Created from cutlery

Designer solution

Industrial table lamp

Playful lampshade

Clouds on the wall in the bedroom


Large plastic bottle bottom chandelier

Like little flowers

Opulent, classic effect


In blue

Like a disco ball

White paper baking molds

Origami style

Jelly beans – Haribo 

Looked more closely

Creepy designer lamp

Fairytale and terrifying

In style – Charlie Chaplin

  Materials and instructions for a DIY lampshade

Further notes and plastic spoons

The final result


  Tea cups with floral pattern – porcelain tea service

Creative hobbyist

Another disco ball

Multiple colors – aesthetic lighting