Decorating eggs is a tradition that goes back to ancient times

 Nowadays it has become very fashionable and topical to buy colorful Easter eggs or chocolate eggs instead of making them yourself. But the feeling of making them yourself is very different, pleasant and even fun. Fortunately, there are numerous methods and materials that can be used to achieve this goal. Flowers, thread, bows, even an old tie – all of these can be used to achieve a beautiful end result. Here we offer you our list of 15 artful Easter ideas for you to try on. Some of them are so beautiful that there is no way they would escape them.

Decorating Easter eggs made easy

Paint Easter eggs and sprinkle with colorful pastry sticks

Dip the egg in a glass full of water and sugar to make it sticky.

Then sprinkle it with colorful sugar sprinkles

Easter painting eggs colorful yarn fresh pastry sticks yellow

Wrap the egg with colored yarn

Easter eggs paint colorful yarn fresh peculiar

Arrange flowers and blossoms on the egg

Easter painting eggs colorful plants flowers pattern

Then wrap it around with a pair of tights

Easter eggs paint colorful hot water tights

After that, dip it in a pot full of hot water

Easter painting colorful eggs in hot water pot immerse

Easter eggs painting colorful flowers leaves cool

Another DIY project with colored yarn

Paint Easter eggs colorful yarn scissors technology idea

Easter egg painting colorful yarn pattern cross

Wrap the egg around with an old tie and put it in a saucepan full of hot water and vinegar

Paint Easter eggs colorful ties pattern colorful

The finished Easter eggs

Easter egg painting colorful yarn pattern paisley pattern

Decorate the eggs with knitted covers

Easter painting colorful yarn knitted cover

Paint the eggs on one side only and add more water in the glass to make the color paler

Easter painting eggs colorful hot water colors colorful

Repeat these steps until you get the result you want

Easter painting eggs colorful colors water pale

Paint the eggs with watercolors, then use a pencil to draw patterns to your liking

Easter eggs paint colorful fresh green black watercolor colors

Homemade nest full of patterned eggs

Easter egg painting colorful drawing pattern marker

Use permanent markers

Painting easter eggs black and white drawing pattern

Paint easter eggs with thin, colorful, colorful adhesive tape

Geometric lines

Paint Easter eggs colorful adhesive tape colorful geometric lines

Cover the eggs with different grains and noodles

Easter eggs paint colorful colors original grain

Easter painting eggs colorfully grains spices noodles

Cut mustaches out of colored paper and then glue them onto the eggs

Easter painting eggs colorful colorful mustache paper black

You will need a thin self-adhesive tape for the next project, then dip the egg in hot water

Easter eggs paint colorful flowers black thin Paint Easter eggs colorfully tinker with stripes

Wrap the eggs with a bow, then dip them in the color you want

Easter eggs painting white fresh ribbon

Step by step to the desired result

Easter eggs paint colorful colors easy to tinker with

Amazing effect

Easter painting eggs colorful flowers bow pattern

Make the so-called marble eggs. Take a freshly boiled egg, then crumble its shell with a spoon. Then dip it in the paint water.

Exceptional technology

Easter painting eggs colorful broken eggshell spoon

Serve at Easter

Easter eggs painting colorful flowers served design