Knitwear for women design blanket

Extraordinary knitting idea with huge needles

In 2011 this designer decided to knit something really huge. No instructions were available at the time, so she improvised on her own.

First, she bought 3 kilos of wool and bought broomsticks from a hardware store to serve as knitting needles.

But the broomsticks were too small, so the designer bought PVC pipes. She turned these into knitting needles by adding tape to them. A few hours later she already had her gigantic duvet.

Knit blanket

Knitwear blanket knit ladies headboard

When she put the instruction video online, she was asked for help. The knitting pattern of this duvet is now online and you can find this for shopping on Etsy.

The designer herself

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Show knitting patterns

Knitwear blanket women wool yarn

Keep warm and soft

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The necessary balls of wool

Knitwear for women yarn wool

Here we have a helper

Knitwear blanket Ladies cat

Soft and extremely knitted  Knitwear bedding cat ladies pattern

Cuddly cats

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Lots of wool

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Give your bed a rustic touch

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PVC pipes instead of needles

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