Are you looking for new interesting and easy DIY projects that you can do together with your toddler? We suggest you make cute ladybugs. Children, especially girls, love these little red-colored, black-spotted bugs that symbolize happiness and joy. So we show you how you can create ladybugs out of paper in no time at all. It’s fun and promotes the little ones’ strength and fine motor skills. Stay with it and just take part! So you can make a DIY ladybug yourself …

Make ladybugs for children and adults

Ladybugs make 3 simple paper craft ideas for children and adults

How to make ladybugs out of paper

Here are 3 step-by-step instructions that will show you how to make a ladybug.

Have fun and be creative with the materials and colors you need. Just let your children explore and do handicrafts as they please.

There are many different ways to make a ladybug

Make ladybugs out of paper 3D ladybugs step by step instructions

Uses of the homemade ladybirds

You can let your child play with the homemade ladybug, both indoors and outdoors. Or you can also use the paper ladybug as a decoration, for example in a child’s room.

Feel free to do whatever your heart desires. Your little ones will have fun making their own creations and showing these to relatives and friends.

This cute little beetle deserves more spotlight, or?

Ladybugs make 3D ladybugs out of paper

Create 3D ladybugs from craft paper

Crafting is a wonderful way to develop children’s creativity, reading skills, and fine motor skills.

Are you ready to craft these cute little creatures? Then let’s start right away. First, get the following materials:

  • Sheets of paper in red, black and white
  • scissors
  • adhesive
  • black marker

Have all the necessary materials ready?

Ladybugs make handicrafts from colored craft paper materials

Let’s start then…

Ladybugs make 3 simple craft ideas out of paper 3D ladybugs

Make ladybugs – Instructions:

Cut out a circle shape out of red paper. Then cut out any number of strips of red paper again.

Take a strip of paper and glue it as shown in the following picture. Glue the next strip on at a 90 ° angle.

Proceed to the next two by placing them between the first two. Depending on the size of the ladybug you are making, you can add more strips of paper to make the ladybug’s body bigger.

For a ladybug, you need a circle and any number of strips of red construction paper

Ladybugs make 3D ladybug materials from paper

That’s the next step

Make ladybugs out of paper 3D make ladybugs yourself

Glue as many strips as you’d like

Ladybugs make 3D ladybug bodies out of paper

Then cut out the following parts from black construction paper

Make ladybugs from colored craft paper, cut out parts

Cut out the points from black paper. Then cut out a semicircular shape for the head and two more antenna-shaped strips for the feelers. Cut out two small oval shapes out of white paper and draw the eyes with a black marker.

Glue the dots and the head with the glue stick.

Here’s how you made a ladybug yourself, step by step

Make ladybugs out of paper 3D ladybug instructions

How to make a ladybug out of a paper plate

Children of all ages will have fun learning to make a fun ladybug out of a paper plate. This simple craft idea is perfect for toddlers who love insects!

You can also make a ladybug out of a paper plate

Ladybugs make craft ideas from paper plates

For this easy DIY ladybug made from a paper plate, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 small paper plate
  • Red color
  • paint brush
  • Black, white and red craft paper
  • scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Pipe cleaners

Here’s what you’ll need

Make ladybugs out of paper plate materials

Make ladybugs – Instructions:

After you get the supplies, ask your child to paint the back of the paper plate red. While the paint dries, cut a large circle out of the black construction paper for the ladybug’s head.

Use the hole punch to punch several small black circles for the dots and pupils of the ladybug, as well as 2 white circles for the eyes. Alternatively, the children can simply paint circles or draw and cut out circles themselves.

Get ready and start the first step

Make ladybugs out of paper plates Instructions

Glue 2 small black circles on top of the white circles to make the ladybug’s eyes. Cut out a small mouth from the red paper, then glue it on the ladybug’s face.

When the paint has dried, glue the black dots onto the paper plate.

So you’ve already got the ladybug body ready

Make ladybugs out of paper plates step by step instructions

Next, cut off a piece of black pipe cleaner about 5 inches tall. Fold it in half and glue it to the back of the ladybug’s head as a feeler.

Cut six pieces of black pipe cleaner about 2 inches in size. Glue 3 of these pipe cleaners to each side of the ladybug body as legs.

Penultimate step: add legs

Ladybugs make craft ideas for children from paper plates

Attach the ladybug’s head to the paper plate with glue. When it has dried, your DIY ladybug is completely ready!


Make ladybugs out of paper plates

DIY ladybug made from paper plate

Make ladybugs out of paper plates for children

Yet another craft idea for a DIY ladybug for children

A super simple but playful craft idea made of paper is also the following DIY ladybug for toddlers and preschoolers.

This is yet another creative way to turn the red colored garden insect into a colorful and easy DIY project. We’ll show you below how you can make this funny ladybug.

More colorful craft ideas for children

Make ladybugs out of colored craft paper

For this DIY project you will need:

  • colorful craft paper
  • Goggle eyes
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • ruler
  • marker

Another simple craft idea for ladybugs made of paper

Make ladybugs out of colored craft paper Instructions

Make ladybugs – Instructions:

Draw the parts of the ladybugs as you see them in the picture below. Then cut them out of colored craft paper, each part of the body in red or black accordingly.

Trace the shapes on this template

Ladybirds make 3 simple paper craft ideas for children stencil

Take the red round piece and glue it over the black round piece to shape the ladybug’s body.

Glue the little black round pieces over the red part of the ladybug body for the spots.

Take the slightly smaller black round piece from the template and glue it onto the ladybug’s body. You can stick it either above or below the top of the ladybug. This is the ladybug’s head.

Take the little black strips for the legs and glue 3 legs on each side of the ladybug.

Finally, glue both goggle eyes to the ladybug’s head.

Now you know 3 different ways to make a ladybug. Show them to your child and let your creativity run free! We wish you a lot of fun!

This is another craft idea for DIY ladybugs made from a toilet roll

Ladybugs make ideas from toilet paper rolls

To make this a reality, you will need the following materials

Ladybugs make the necessary materials from toilet paper rolls

This is still a modified variant

Ladybugs make handicraft ideas for children from toilet paper rolls

Many craft ideas for toddlers are made with their handprint

Ladybugs make 3 simple paper craft ideas for children

The main thing: children have fun doing handicrafts

Make ladybugs out of colored craft paper and paper plates