To start off, we’d like to let you know that crafting your dream catcher yourself is pretty easy. That’s why we first take a little time to tell about his story.

It is a tradition that goes back to the Indian tribe Ojibwe. The people there created these first dreamcatchers out of willow branches and tendons. They believed that this is how all bad dreams can be captured. So the bad ones get caught in the net and stay there. Only in the morning are they dissolved by the first rays of the sun? Logically, not?

Do you also want your bad dreams to stay trapped in the net of a dream catcher that you made yourself? Yes, here are the 13 steps you can take to achieve this.

Step by step to the dream catcher do handicrafts yourself

tinker dream catcher yourself feathers silver gold

1st step:

First of all, you would of course have to get the necessary materials. You will definitely need tape and materials that you will use to make the nets. You need to find the right material for the tire. You should perform this task with particular caution, as it is of fundamental importance for the success of the project.

It is best to read the next steps, as there are various alternatives presented there. In the meantime, make a list.

2nd step:

Make the hoop first. This is usually no bigger than a human hand. It can be made of red beech or vine. It can be found in a great many different specialty stores. You need around 3 meters of wood material. That will be enough to create the tire. As an alternative, you could use fresh grapevine and let it dry. Any kind of wood and metal are also permitted as materials.

Unconventional with wood

make dream catchers yourself colorful wood

3rd step:

Then you need the lacing to make your dream catcher yourself. With this you need to wrap the tire. For this purpose, one usually uses a type of suede. The length needs to be 8 times that of the tire you are making. If suede lace ring isn’t there, you could easily make this out of another type of material as well.

4th step:

Now find the string. From this you will be able to tinker the net of the dream catcher yourself. Transparent nylon cord could also be very helpful here. Most of the time the string is clear or white, but you could use colored ones in some cases.

5th step:

Now wrap the tire. To do this, coat this with a bit of glue and only then do you start wrapping it.

6th step:

Don’t forget to make a hanger. You could cut out the hanging ends with scissors.

7th step:

Now we come to what is arguably the most elaborate part of dream catcher weaving. To start with, you should tie a knot on the hoop. Work clockwise from here. Wrap around the hoop once and a few inches further make the next knot. So do some loops.

Magnificent in purple and blue

make dream catchers yourself blue purple

8th step:

Now weave the net towards the inner part of the tire. The knots would now have to be attached to the thread itself. Decorate the whole thing with buttons or other great jewelry that you have provided beforehand. Work your way through to the middle.

9th step:

After you’ve woven everything down to a small circle in the middle, tie the thread in one place so it doesn’t fall apart. Make a double knot so it’s secure.

10th step:

You could now add an ornamental feather or two if you wish. It’s best to do this in a place where there is already a knot anyway.

Now you have finished tinkering with the dream catcher yourself.

11th step:

All you have to do now is hang it up. We wish you beautiful dreams!

Earthy tones 

dream catcher tinker tree yourself

You can also do it horizontally

make dream catchers yourself blue feathers

Dream catchers from several circles

dream catcher make your own colorful feathers

Double looks like an owl

make dream catchers yourself twice

You can also use stones as an ornament

make dream catchers yourself gemstone

Abstract shape and fine feathers

make dream catchers yourself wooden feathers

Quite puristic

tinker dream catcher yourself feathers black and white

With leather and orange nuances 

tinker dream catcher yourself glass bead feathers

Oversized and simple

make dream catchers yourself big

With heart motifs

dream catcher make your own heart

With shell and small crystals

dream catcher tinker shell yourself

Filigree decorated

dream catcher tinker shells yourself

With pink pearls

make your own dream catcher pearls feathers

With wooden beads and white feathers

make dream catchers yourself pearls white feathers

Leather strips and blue-green pearls

dream catcher tinker peacock feathers yourself

Colorful and elegant

make dream catchers yourself peacock feather tip

Beautiful with peacock feathers

tinker dream catcher yourself black feathers peacock feathers

Yin and yang

tinker dream catcher yourself black and white

Lace and buttons

make dream catchers themselves lace

Colorful fabric ribbons

dream catchers themselves make lace colorful

Vintage dream catcher

dream catchers make their own lace fabrics

With feathers and turquoise stones

tinker dream catcher yourself turquoise

Made of turquoise and leather yarn

dream catcher tinker turquoise threads yourself

Classic in red and black

tinker dream catcher yourself burgundy black

White fabric and feathers

tinker dream catcher yourself white feathers

make dream catchers yourself blue feathers wooden beads