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20 ideas for great parties

When it comes to having a spring party, the rapidly changing weather this season can prove to be an uncomfortable circumstance. If you still want to have part of the party outside, do so, but also make sure you have a “backup plan”. Or design an area for the party that takes place partly outside and partly inside.

Regardless of which variant you choose, here you have 20 ideas that will help you plan.

1. The back up plan for a garden party in spring

If the weather forecast is good, you will likely want to have an outdoor party. But make sure you have a “back up” plan in place in the event of sudden storms. At least the apartment should be tidied up so that you don’t have to be ashamed if the guests suddenly have to come inside. Make space for chairs, which you might have to bring inside in the event of a storm that emerges quickly.

2. Hang paper lanterns

paper lanterns colorful party decoration garden fresh ideas for party decoration

Colored paper lanterns can be found very easily online or in local stores. The cheapest have no lights inside. However, if you do fresh ideas for party decorations during the day, these are absolutely sufficient to integrate more color and mood into the ambience. For the evening celebrations, you should opt for lanterns with batteries.

3. Organize a fancy party on the grass

rattan garden furniture yellow cushions cushions garden party fresh ideas for party decorations

Dress up the regular furniture in the backyard with new pillows or cover the existing ones with nice fabrics to freshen up the look. Cover all old tables with tablecloths that are long to the floor and achieve an incomparable elegance. Use the fancy dishes instead of using paper or plastic dishes.

4. Make a pivot … out of the lettuce!

modern dining table garden table decoration fresh ideas for party decorations

Are you looking for a fun centerpiece that is also inexpensive? Fill all the round pots with candlesticks and lots of fresh salad! Make sure the leaves are at a safe distance from the tips of the candles. The fishing piece designed in this way will be most suitable if your party is on a beautiful, sunny day and your table is not full of sun.

5. Organize a Moroccan fat

Fresh ideas for party decorations

rattan chairs fresh juice garden decoration party sunny fresh ideas for party decoration

Sometimes you can achieve spectacular results by investing in a new piece of tableware. What do you think of a hand painted platter? Often, that’s all it takes to get wonderful results. Try to organize a Moroccan-style party by organizing platters of small oranges, rose water, and saffron-scented chicken.

6. Different light sources

light chains fireplace garden party decoration fresh ideas for party decoration

Just as inside, the light can also have a loosening effect outside. If you want to achieve a flattering glow outdoors, then you could do it with three separate light sources. For example, hang up fairy lights, light up the fireplace and place some small landscape lights on the terrace edge.

7. Try a themed party

cardboard eiffel tower family garden decoration fresh ideas for spring party decorations

Why not? Fresh ideas for party decorations are great for the kids and the adults enjoy them surprisingly well too. Why not try a Paris party with crepes, French pop music and a cardboard Eiffel Tower like this one?

8. Make the children’s table a place where the children really enjoy sitting

sunshade stones garden decoration fresh ideas for spring party decorations

Whether or not the children will be in the center of the event, if they are present they should be kept busy. A few small, creative touches can make a big difference.

– Cover the table with Kraft Paper and provide markers and stockers to decorate the tablecloth.

– Also provide chalk with which you can paint the floor.

– For the younger children you should ensure exciting experiences such as sandboxes or water tables.

– In addition, bubble producing machines and fun music are always a winning combination.

– Let the children document the party with instant cameras and display the pictures on a large board.

9. Make sure there is a smooth transition between the inside and the outside

open space parasol spring fresh ideas for garden party decorations

Wash the windows, pull back the curtains, and open the doors. Now is the time to party! The advantages of organizing an indoor-outdoor party are very many. More space also means more opportunities for people who want to gather in groups and have a chat. When people can move around freely, the festival seems more and more fun and lively. If the weather suddenly worsens, everyone can get inside very quickly!

10. Move the furniture

If guests are wandering between the indoor and outdoor areas, then it might be wise to rethink the way the furniture is arranged. Push back some of the chairs and the living room sofa. So the guests will have more space to gather. Then maybe you should also bring the table to the wall so that it can be used as a counter or buffet. Chairs should be distributed in all rooms.

11. Put a table on wheels into use

spring hardware garden fresh kitchen fresh ideas for party decorations

Do you want to be able to get your food inside quickly from the outside should it start to rain? This sturdy metal table on wheels will be of great help for this purpose.

12. Benefit from the scrolling window

stool bar open garden party decoration spring fresh ideas for party decoration

Do you have windows on the terrace or in the vestibule that lead directly into the kitchen? Now we have such an affordable solution for you that you will actually feel like a real lucky child. You could make an ideal sales counter out of this.

13. Make your party rooms multifunctional

fresh ideas for party decorations

People enjoy bringing food and drinks everywhere with them during parties. So make sure you put tables and benches everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. So you would accommodate many more people than on individual chairs.

14. Construct some DIY chairs

spring hardware garden fresh wood stool fresh ideas for party decorations

Backyards, lobbies and patios are perfect areas for experimenting with the used furniture. Convert some pallets into tables or benches, or cover them with Japanese mattresses and lots of pillows. The tree stumps can be made into many great chairs and side tables, and the curb findings can easily be covered with fabrics that are found occasionally.

15. Bring different containers to store the drinks there

fresh drinks ice cooler garden decoration fresh ideas for spring party decorations

Old enameled baskets, galvanized containers, hollows, woven baskets and clean flower pots could serve as creative coolers or ice containers. Before using them, you should check that they are waterproof. If not then consider adding plastic house clothes. To reduce the traffic around the bar, you should design small drinking stations, both indoors and outdoors.

16. Use every piece of outdoor space

garden furniture blue orange fresh garden stool fresh ideas for party decorations

It’s springtime and people want to spend their time outside. Even if you have the narrowest terrace, you should finish it up for the party and keep the doors wide open. If the floor doesn’t look very good, then you should cover it with carpet or fake grass. You can make the room more appealing with a few pillows and flowers.

17. Organize a party on the terrace

carpet terrace colorful colors fresh ideas for spring party decorations

Spring is the perfect time to liven up the lobby and re-establish connections with the neighbors. Hang paper lanterns, roll out a colored rug, cover the table with sarong to create a bar.

18. Swings and hammocks

party spring ideas tropical garden decoration fresh ideas for party decoration

Adults and children love them alike! Try hanging a hammock in the vestibule or creating a swing out of tires or rope. Be mindful of safety and, if necessary, seek advice from professionals.

19. Bring comfort from the outside to the inside

wood garden furniture shade tree fresh gartendeko party

Having real food and platters, vases and fresh plants and nice cushions in the outside area in the lobby or on the terrace make the room appear extra cozy. Take a look around your house before the party and you will surely find something to “borrow” on the interior.

20. Take advantage of the outdoor hiding place

gazebo pointed roof fireplace stool garden fresh ideas for party decorations

Have a tea house, gazebo, or other structure in the yard. Then you should definitely make them usable during the party. You can put your drinks and food there. You can protect them from the pests and the weather in this way. When it starts to rain, guests can quickly run over there!

Feel ready for your spring party?