free standing wall room divider art paintings

Creative furnishing solutions make your apartment look bigger

Do you think the room divider is better than the solid wall? Do you need a little help finding the right room divider for your home? We have very useful today Room divider ideas put together for you that are perfect for dressing rooms, study rooms, dining rooms and other spaces at home.

Whether you are looking for an open furnishing plan or a cozy, intimate living atmosphere, the room dividers can create a practical and artistic effect. The photo series here includes Spanish walls, curtains, nautical ropes and even bushes that make your living space look beautiful and peculiar.

30 room divider ideas

plants hanging from bench white

Using the plants as room dividers is an absolutely creative, beautiful furnishing solution. These lianas climb up the ropes and create a jungle in the room that still separates the areas.

Partition wall made of bushes

room divider ideas plants living area

This plant room divider here is darker and requires regular clipping to keep its sleek shape.

Vertical garden at home

vertical garden idea room divider green

Vertical garden as a furnishing solution – this wall not only serves as a room divider, but also as a room garden.

The sofa backrest and houseplants as room dividers

couch yellow cushions table plants

In this modern office, both – the plants and the furniture – serve as a partition

Climbing plants and rope

curtain hanging plants green room divider ideas

This curtain made of hanging plants here completes our green room dividers. Fill the jar with different herbs and place it in a sunny room, making it look nice and tasty.

Too many walls make the room appear small and cramped. This half wall with beams and bead curtains make the room look light and airy and separate the office from the living area.

Reclaimed wood sliding doors

room divider sliding doors recycled wood kitchen

The sliding doors are another creative one Room divider ideas. These are made from recycled wood and can be opened to let the air flow freely.

Modern and functional – bookshelves as a partition

library shelves wall living room room divider ideas

   Airy curtains surround the bedroom

curtains airy white bedroom room divider ideas

Geometric shapes

geometric shapes room divider living room leather furniture

Glass walls

glass-room-divider-transparent-garden-dining table

Confidential and extravagant

glass shelves living room room divider ideas

Playful solution for the little ones

art installation room divider deco

Attractive shapes

art installation decor room divider ideas

Cozy, airy living atmosphere

luxury bead curtain room divider sofa living room

Luxury and appearance

bead curtain red gold room divider ideas luxury

Wooden panels between the kitchen and the dining room

room divider wood panels dining room living room

Hidden partition  room divider ideas green learning office children

Trendy and chic

  room divider circles funny wood flooring living room

Freestanding marble partition – storage wall

room divider solid marble free-standing living room

Rope curtain in traditional office

ropes room dividers office living room

Separate the stairwell

staircase room divider

Sliding doors – open layout plan

hidden room divider ideas design living room modern

Confidential atmosphere  confidential room divider ideas ceiling light chandelier

Contemporary interior design

waterfall effect room divider ideas

White room divider

white contemporary room divider ideas white