If the temperatures rise, the terrace and balcony become a second living room, where you can find relaxation and tranquility. The lucky ones with a spacious terrace have a lot of freedom to realize their creative ideas. But the owners of a small terrace can also benefit from the advantages of their own outdoor area. It is not enough to simply equip the outdoor area with pieces of furniture, but you have to give it a can of cosiness. And of course that happens with the right decoration. You can find out how to decorate your terrace in the following lines.

Decorate the terrace and stay longer in your own outdoor area

terrace decorate dining area climbing plants roofing

Design the terrace for a pleasant stay

The outdoor area is a peculiar outdoor living room. That is why the usual decorative elements for a living room should not be missing here. However, in your own living area you surround yourself with things and colors that ensure your well-being!

But first you need to have a certain style concept in mind. For example, you can furnish the outdoor area in a rural, Mediterranean or modern style. Or give it an oriental touch. Depending on this, you then have to select the right materials and colors for the implementation of the corresponding terrace design. Always aim for a harmonious look on the terrace! Because here you should ultimately relax!

When it comes to decorating the terrace in summer, the brightly colored but harmonious appearance of the terrace is the key. For example, if you want to play with colors and patterns, don’t forget to harmonize them with one another. So certain accessories have to pick up in one of the predominant colors. This does not affect the senses, but makes us feel comfortable and at ease.

Treat yourself to a wonderful rest on your own terrace!

decorate the terrace throw pillows dining area design plants

Get the most out of the outdoors by decorating the patio

Even if the nice weather makes us happy, a nicely designed place on our own terrace contributes to our good mood. Some things should then be included in the decoration concept for the terrace.

The plants

Plants are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to outdoor decor. Flowering potted plants are extremely preferred. On a large terrace area, you can also consider imposing terrace plants and create impressive highlights. Hanging pots, on the other hand, are an excellent idea on the small terrace. And not only. If you decide on a lot of container plants, you will achieve a great romantic atmosphere in no time. The selection of plants could particularly help you to create a certain feeling in the outdoor area. So think twice about whether plants in the Mediterranean or exotic style are more suitable for you, or maybe you prefer raised beds and a herb garden?

Lots of textiles

Even if a terrace is unthinkable without plants, it can only be beautifully presented with colored textiles. If you want to convey even more color to the terrace design, then you prefer to use fresh colors with a summery flair. Outdoor carpets and decorative and floor pillows with colorful patterns are best suited. You can also make yourself particularly comfortable outside with these home accessories.

Adequate lighting

It is also advisable to develop a precise lighting strategy for the terrace. In this way you not only enjoy the days outdoors, but also the glorious summer nights in the open air! What a nicer experience in summer?!

Whether a cozy candlelight or trendy fairy lights, the lighting of the outdoor area should match the terrace design itself. Lanterns, lanterns and even a fireplace are also perfect for enhancing the look of the terrace. It would be good to combine several different light sources to create WOW effects.

Decorate your own terrace harmoniously

Decorate the terrace invitingly fresh colors

Anyone who has a terrace likes to spend a lot of time outdoors 

decorate the terrace fresh mood spend nice hours outdoors

If you are looking for more inspiration for your terrace, take a look at the following examples and collect creative ideas for your unusual outdoor decoration. Lush potted plants or stylish green potted plants, candles or fairy lights, colorful textiles or subtle colors, that is your decision. The most important thing: you feel comfortable in your oasis of calm!

A trellis with a box is particularly suitable for the small terrace

decorate the terrace trellis matching balcony plants

Spread cushions on the garden bench

decorate terrace stylish color combination plants

Add a romantic look to the terrace with dozens of candles

terrace decorate cozy romantic lots of candles

Turn the terrace into a place of relaxation

decorate the terrace create a cozy terrace fairy lights

Assemble fairy lights for beautiful summer evenings outdoors

terrace decorate grill many potted plants

You can also put various decoration ideas into practice on the small terrace

Terrace decorate minimalist colored furniture

Combine the colors of the textiles on the terrace appropriately

terrace decorate colorful fabrics comfortable furniture

Even the patio furniture can be cool eye-catchers

patio decorate yellow chairs white outdoor carpet

Create a happy atmosphere on the terrace

terrace decorate fresh colors beautiful patterns many plants

terrace decorate rattan furniture white cushions green plants

decorate terrace rustic cozy autumn mood

terrace decorate rustic decor chandelier

decorate the terrace summer flair many blooming plants

terrace decorate summer enjoy outdoor living room

terrace decorate rustic elements welcoming atmosphere

decorate terrace simply stylish tree stumps

Terrace decorate strip carpet candles

Terrace decorate large potted plants swing

terrace decorate table decoration garden plants

terrace decorate many textiles beautiful garden plants

decorate the terrace lantern cozy pieces of furniture

terrace decorate lanterns wall decoration roofing

terrace decorate boho style colorful design

decorate the terrace colorful patterns many plants good mood

Decorate the terrace comfortably sit summer garden design

terrace decorate cozy sitting area fireplace

terrace decorate creative ideas many plants

terrace decorate outdoor carpet beautiful plants

decorate the terrace privacy screen plants cozy seating