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The miniature world of color and texture

One of my favorite projects is making my own terrarium at home. Some components I just buy, for others I make an effort and dig everywhere. Creating a miniature world of color and texture is always a beautiful process and most importantly, you stay satisfied in the end.

Here I present a few Zen-like ideas on how to make a terrarium yourself.

Peaceful looking terrarium – the applied art

glass with plant decoration

Here you can see my all-time favorites. Peaceful and clean looking, this plant represents an elegant mix of color and texture.

Select the appropriate container

terrarium idea matching vessels

Simple, inexpensive vessels are given here.

Put a vase into use

find a suitable vessel

This vase has the popular shape for a terrarium. In terms of taste, it can find its place on the desk, dining table or coffee table.

Geo terrarium

terrarium idea look geometric

The geometric shape of this vessel can complement the modern motifs of your home beautifully.

Roost Copenhagen vessel

terrarium idea beautiful glasses with plants

If you really want to put this terrarium in the spotlight, the perfect choice for you will be one of these vessels Roost Copenhagen be. It’s a bit more expensive than the others, but looks gorgeous, you have to promise.

Use mason jar

use packing jar

This undemanding mason jar is a perfect match for your farmhouse.

Hanging glass terrarium

terrarium idea hanging color and texture

Have you already thought about a terrarium at home? The only obstacle is the small hands that want to examine it. This is the best suggestion for you.

The filling

put sand in a bag

Take some sand off the beach and your job is done.

Billy Button Craspedia

billy button

These billy buttons can turn out to be a cheerful addition to your sand terrarium.

Experiment with air plants

terrarium air plants

Air plants are my favorite components for a project like this and they always look extraordinary.

Terrarium plant collection

terrarium ideas plants collection

Small, colorful plants like these can always be used.

Real reindeer lichen

green plants

Reindeer lichen with its juicy, shiny look will bring the ocean into your home.

Porcelain branches

porcelain branches

White porcelain branches can always be used for the terrarium design.

White sea glass

sea ​​glass small units

Bran units of white sea glass will look charming together with the porcelain branches.

Inspired by the beach

sea ​​glass in green colors

Here you can only reach your goal with a little sea glass.

Functional use of the watering can

terrarium idea watering can

Here we give a tip about watering.

Planting instruments

planting instruments 2

These are the most beautiful planting tools I have ever seen.

Created by the designer

round glass idea

Do you need inspiration for your terrarium? Then you are in luck with this designer piece!