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Sewing modern curtains – great ideas for those who like to do handicrafts

Most people don’t feel comfortable at all if they don’t have curtains at home. But that’s not all. They also have to look original and therefore modern. One of the best ways to achieve this is if you have the Sew curtains.

Decorate the window with self-made curtains

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Before you start

Carefully determine the length and type of curtains you want to sew. Measure the width of the bar or rails from which it will hang. Attention: This does not coincide with the window width!

Rail or bar?

Will your modern curtains hang on a pole or on rails? That makes a big difference. The hooks on the rails must be positioned at a distance of 10 cm from each other. There is a trick you can use to hide this. You can fold the fabric once or a couple of times. Sew the hooks on the inside and slightly downwards. They would have to lie in such a way that they disappear from view after hanging. The hooks will hardly be visible.

Hang the curtain on a pole

sewing curtains yellow fresh beautiful deco

Fresh pattern with yellow accents

sew curtains yourself take fresh color nuances into account

Regardless of whether you hang your modern curtains on rails or rods, you could provide the upper part with a strip of fabric. This is how you cover up some areas that may not have been entirely successful.

Curtains with the functions of roller blinds

Modern curtains are a bit out of the ordinary to us. This applies to the style as well as the length and the function. Many modern curtains also act as roller blinds. You can also sew these yourself. They can be rolled up and opened at different times. For it to work well, however, the curtains should be made of a slightly firmer fabric.

Roman blind for the kitchen window

sew curtains yourself kitchen curtains fresh window decorations

Rules related to the different lengths

There are a few rules that you should follow depending on the type of curtain:

  • Long curtains must be one centimeter from the floor.
  • Medium-length curtains should hang an inch above the windowsill.
  • Short curtains should hang on a third of the window.

Sunny windows

The location of the windows is of fundamental importance when choosing the colors of the curtains. If the sun’s rays penetrate for many hours, the fabric should be as dense as possible.

Choose a fabric that will freshen up the room

sewing curtains green long striped carpet white armchair

Opaque curtains in noble colors make the living room look chic

Sew curtains yourself opaque purple leather sofa

Curtains and walls

The color of the curtains must match the color of the wall in the room. Take a piece of the curtain fabric home before your final purchase. Put it on the wall to see if the fabric is a matching color. Only then can you decide to buy your curtains!

Choose a fabric with a fresh pattern for the living room

 sew curtains yourself fresh pattern in color

Combine beige curtain with black curtain rod

curtain sewing tips beige curtain rod

Spice up the room with the curtains

Sewing curtains double rooms prepare a fresh pattern

Sewing curtains for the kitchen

curtains sewing ideas short gardinene kitchen beautiful wall design

You could freshen up the curtain a little

curtains sew beautiful diy ideas green edges

Short curtains in the kitchen

curtains sew kitchen green curtains short

Fresh floral design

sew curtains yourself colored pattern beautiful living ideas

Choose a suitable pattern

sew curtains yourself rods beautiful pattern