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10 interesting examples of decoration with decorative strips

 Wall decoration is an essential part of beautiful room design. You can easily decorate your walls in an original and elegant way. All you need is some fresh ideas and a lot of imagination. We will show you how you can furnish your home in a modern way with the help of decorative strips.

The most common are strips of wood or styrofoam, which you can use to embellish your walls in various ways. The moldings are usually placed next to the ceiling, but you can also combine them with wallpaper, MDF elements and different colors. Whichever way you choose, it’s nice to know that the moldings add more volume and visual variety to the room. We offer you some interesting examples of dynamic and elegant interiors.

10 exclusive proposals – decoration with decorative strips

 asian style moldings dark colors house living style

A cozy atmosphere at home thanks to delicate colors and soft textures

comfortable armchair stripes wall two-tone moldings table lamp retro style

Happy colorful stripes on the wall

decoration with decorative strips colorful colors interesting

Exotic fresh plants at home play a major role in creating a beautiful ambience

exotic plants moldings wall home delicate colors

Soft beige color in the hallway – a telephone on the folding table

pastel color moldings wall idea telephone set chair wood

Thick strips on the wall in warm colors

stripes moldings wall idea house deco

Fresh idea for every home

delicate colors green apples idea wood table lamp moldings

Old-fashioned equipment in the apartment

decorative strips wall idea flowers ceramic objects desk simple wood

Bright, cheerful colors on the wall and in the whole interior

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