dining room round glass table black acrylic furniture wall plate collage extaravagant chandelier

11 stylish collages – beautiful and interesting wall plates

The wall plates are the perfect way to decorate some of your walls inexpensively and creatively. You can plan and realize this plate decoration all by yourself, so you will bring more individuality into your interior. All you need to do is buy some unique plates from the china shop or flea market.

You probably have some that were left over from your grandmother. It will look really awesome if you use the old dishes for this purpose.

There are different variants for assembling all of these beauties. You can add floating shelves for the plates, or you can glue a metal bracket to the back of each plate and secure it to the wall with a screw. Check out these adorable examples. This is how you will be inspired to create your own collage.

 Decorate your interior with some colorful and interesting wall plates !

interesting wall plate collage colorful brown bright wall white wood door

Decorative floral and animal elements and patterns – splendid ceramic wall plates

interesting wall plate collage colorful floral animal motifs decorative elements pattern

Gray walls and white armchairs, a round glass table and a variety of wall plates

interesting wall plate collage idea white gray monochrome armchair comfortable glass table

Country-style apartment and lots of white porcelain wall plates

interesting wall plate collage idea white rustic equipped apartment

Originality and individuality of the home furnishings

interesting wall plate collage table lamps bright original simple interior

Stylish decoration with a wall plate in the stairwell

interesting wall plate collage stairwell extravagant eye-catching

Colorful, interesting wall plates on the white wall – a chic contrast

interesting wall plate collage white wall wood table shelves kitchen

Variety of sizes, shapes and lines – pale wall plates

combined sizes colors shapes wall plate covering idea design

Black and white wall plates in the corridor at home – eye-catching, decorative element

black white classic combination wall plate collage idea design

Different shades of green – wall plates as the dominant, decorative element

wall decoration plate idea green nuances white old-fashioned original