The records are a part of the decoration of many modern houses. Some trends and circumstances are critical in this regard. For one, they inscribe themselves into the popular vintage trends that still exist. They also have great collector value. Sometimes you just want music that has a slightly poorer sound quality, but arouses nostalgic feelings. And if you have a lot of records at home, then you also have to think about the appropriate storage space ideas. You don’t have to hide your collection somewhere! Instead, you can use it to add value to your interior!

Make a fulcrum out of the shelf for the records

Ascmetric appearance storage space ideas

Records in the context of a music corner

The records could be stowed in a corner or on a shelf unit dedicated to the topic of “music”. There is also space for the record player! So you can easily play your favorite pieces as soon as you get in the mood. In some cases you combine the storage of records with storage space ideas for the CDs.

So that the whole thing looks as a unit, you should ideally have shelves at different heights that are suitable for the records and the other music carriers.

The seamless appearance makes the records themselves a great decoration

beige shelf design storage space ideas

Combine with decoration

The shelf on which the records are kept can be filled with other decorations. That makes the look of this corner more modern and homely. Above all, different small plant pots are a very successful idea. Despite the vintage look, the record shelf looks pretty fresh and up-to-date. You can of course do something completely different: instead of combining modern items with records, you can display several decorative items in a vintage style. This will make the general finish of your music shelf even more nostalgic.

You could of course hide the records

dark wood storage space ideas

Bright modern colors

Emphasize the vintage character of the records by storing them on a modern shelf. Opt for glossy surfaces and possibly also for bright shades. The whole shelves could have been made in it, or these colors could be used for the background. The contrast between these different styles will make this shelf unit an eye catcher. Such an approach is very suitable for modern design concepts.

In this case, a very creative idea has been chosen for stowing the records

form of a piano storage space ideas

Storage space ideas with a difference – irregular shelf design

When designing the shelves, you could also opt for irregular shapes. The asymmetry and the playful use of the dimensions and shapes, as well as the bright colors and glossy surfaces just mentioned, will ensure a very modern look. Also, such types of storage space ideas could come in very handy. They could be placed in different corners and help make the most of tricky niches within small and irregular spaces.

Vintage furniture is great for storing records

small shelf storage ideas

Use these storage space ideas for other vintage collections

We have put together this wonderful collection of storage space ideas for records for you. But actually, you can use them as inspiration for storing other vintage items. The nostalgic decoration is very popular in current interior designs. The strategies just shown for the integration of this inscribe themselves well into both traditional and modern concepts. We hope that you too will find something suitable for yourself among all of these examples.

The modern colors create a contrast to the record collection

neutral colors storage space ideas

The shelves could be a mixed storage space for records and other items

Shelves of different colors storage space ideas

Or maybe you would like such a homemade piece?

pink frame storage space ideas

A metal rack would accentuate the decorative value of the records

flap plates inclined surface storage space ideas

The wood (dark or light) is ideal for storing records

storage space ideas storage space on several levels

And some super elegant storage space ideas

storage space ideas made of rough wood

storage space ideas unusual original shape

storage space ideas with slap record player

This combination of materials is great for storing records

storage space ideas trolley

storage space ideas improvised idea

storage space ideas green scaffolding

You can easily make such a DIY storage unit yourself

storage space ideas green frames

storage space ideas black frames

storage space ideas original boxes

Pretty simple, but effective, isn’t it?

storage space ideas low storage space

storage space ideas neutrals colors and lights

storage space ideas seamless wall design

You can store your records in such a way that they simply disappear visually in the room

storage space ideas partition wall idea

storage space ideas great living room

storage space ideas chair and chest

Here are some storage space ideas with a sculptural effect

storage space ideas strong frames

storage space ideas sculptural frames

storage space ideas different compartments

Storage unit made of metal – an equally suitable idea for storing records

storage space ideas vertical orientation

great car storage space ideas

storage space ideas newspaper stand

Finally, a few ideas made from noble-looking wood

great clasp storage space ideas

great wood storage space ideas

display clapboard storage space ideas

… and PVC storage space ideas with a very modern look

white comfortable shelf storage ideas

storage space ideas white and yellow

great wall design storage space ideas