Summer is in full swing in July! We are happy because he brought us a lot of sun, nice weather and a good mood. Despite the Corona crisis, we now want to spend a lot of time outdoors and fully enjoy the hottest season. That is why our summery terraces and balconies are currently our popular places. But anyone who has their own garden pool is actually to be envied! He can jump into the cool water every day and refresh himself. While we spend a lot of time outside during these months, it doesn’t mean the inside of our home should be neglected! No, definitely not! Actually, it is really not very difficult to bring more summer flair into the house. Plus, it doesn’t cost a lot of money or strenuous work. In this context, we have selected 33 colorful decorating ideas for the living room. In the following we show how everyone can enjoy the charm of summer indoors.

 With our colorful decoration ideas for the living room you can create a happy and very pleasant ambience at home.

Deco ideas living room light gray sofa armchair

 We’ll show you little tricks on how to bring more color into your living room.

Deco ideas living room beautiful furnishings stylish colors gray white mustard grass green

 Use the whole color palette of nature in summer!

Deco ideas living room bright interior ceiling-high window on the right Flowers in vase

Clever decorating ideas for the living room: use the power of the typical colors of summer!

Surely you know the summer flowers well and know what kind of blossoms they bring us for months. Before you change anything in the living room, you need to look around the garden outside. The colorful color palette of the flowers is unique in summer. Why not try to bring this blaze of color into the interior too? It’s actually not difficult at all. To create a summery flair in the living room, you can use strong colors that are typical of nature in summer. The color palette starts with white and sunny yellow, goes through the wonderful red tones and extends to soft earthy nuances such as brown, turquoise and anthracite. That means you have a lot of leeway to choose your favorite colors and to combine them with each other. In summer your living room can be really colorful, any single-color room design has now been canceled and appears more boring than stylish. Rather, rely on colorful contrasts that are eye-catching and leave no one indifferent!

 Colorful contrasts are now desired!

Living room decoration ideas Colorful contrasts are welcome Sofa in pink Armchair in blue

Colorful throw pillows and green plants add more color to a room designed entirely in white.

Deco ideas living room space in white creates more color

The wall decoration above the white sofa is also carried out in harmony with the rest of the room design.

Deco ideas living room white sofa colorful wall decoration above many colorful pillows in the room


Decoration ideas for the living room: Strong visual accents are particularly popular in summer

To make the living room more attractive for the summer, you need strong visual accents in the room. Colorful upholstered furniture, which actually brings an atmospheric note to the ambience, comes to your aid. For example, an armchair or sofa in sun yellow immediately attracts everyone’s attention and creates a more summery mood in the living room. Now the maritime style is particularly in demand, so you can’t go wrong with a blue sofa. But on the contrary! If you combine it well with other blue furniture or home accessories, you get a really inviting living room that will remind you of your last seaside vacation.

 A mustard colored sofa can be the eye-catcher in your summery decorated living room.

Deco ideas living room colorful furnishings sofa in mustard color eye-catcher

 The yellow armchair and the stool spice up the spacious living room.

Decoration ideas, living room, large room, bright, a yellow armchair, yellow stool, an eye-catcher

 Blue and white is the classic color duo for your summer interior.

Deco ideas living room beautiful maritime ambience blue-white classic color duo

 Did you know that blue has numerous shades and is easy to combine with bright colors?

Deco ideas living room blue numerous nuances in combination

However, if you prefer living room furniture in neutral colors, for example in the popular dove gray, beige or off-white, then you can use the trick with the colorful throw pillows. Decorative pillows in bright colors such as purple, orange, yellow and turquoise could enliven the living space enormously. The more of them you have, the more colorful and summery your living room would look. And don’t forget, the colorful ethnic style is very trendy this season. That’s why you can allow yourself any ethnic pattern, which, by the way, also looks good on throw pillows. Of course, you can lay out one or more colorful ethnic-style carpets in the room, which are also very attractive. Such ethnic carpets also look good on the wall and add a lot to the colorful living room look in summer. The following picture examples only prove their strong visual impact.

 Ethnic carpets are popular decorations on the floor and on the wall.

Deco ideas living room Ethno Style Ethnic carpets on the wall and on the floor

Can a living room be more attractive and cheerful?

Deco ideas living room colorful cheerful ethnic carpets many colors cozy ambience

Deco ideas, living room, ethnic carpet, many colors, colorful throw pillows, ceiling-high window, a lot of nature

Green plants and colorful flowers round off our summer decorating ideas for the living room

Can you imagine a living room decorated for summer without green plants and beautiful flowers? We hardly think. Floral accents are a must in this room. You can scatter green potted plants here and there in the living room, opt for flowering indoor plants, or just put fragrant cut flowers in a vase. Even murals depicting the splendor of summer flowers are more than welcome among the decorating ideas for the living room.

Three murals bring summer into the living room!

Deco ideas living room three wall paintings summery flair spice up the room

 Sometimes a single flower has a big visual impact in the room.

Deco ideas living room a beautiful flower in violet in glass strong visual impact in the room

Deco ideas living room lilac branches in vase gray sofa colorful throw pillows

 Lush green potted plants bring more exoticism to the room.

Living room decoration ideas lush green potted plants bring more exoticism to the room

Living room decoration ideas Lush green potted plants bring more exoticism to the room ideas

The blue delphinium is seamlessly inscribed in the colorful living room.

Deco ideas living room branches of blue delphinium in vase room in white and blue accents in cocoa brown

In short, you have endless possibilities to invite the summer flair and the natural charm of the most beautiful season into your own four walls. Take a few more minutes to take your time to look at all of the decorating ideas for the living room. Which do you like best?

 The transition between inside and outside is blurred.

Decoration ideas living room white sofa colorful throw pillows open balcony door nature outside

Deco ideas living room colorful ambience colorful furniture glass wall

 The living room could hardly be more colorful.

Deco ideas living room many colors colorful throw pillows bright sofa colorful carpet

Deco ideas living room colorful ambience colorful geometric patterns on the wall carpet

Deco ideas living room colorful pillows pink violet very eyecatching

Deco ideas living room gray sofa colorful pillows wall decoration carpet

We wish you a colorful summer!

Decoration ideas living room beautiful stylish interior interior design navy blue sofa wall painting flowers

Decoration ideas living room gray sofa colorful pillows wall decoration yellow telephone old model

Decoration ideas living room light blue dove gray two dogs sofa baskets kitchen in the background

Deco ideas, living room, pleasant ambience, windows, lots of daylight, simple furnishings, indoor plants

Deco ideas, living room, pleasant ambience, lots of daylight, fireplace, mirror, seat cushion

Set up a relaxation corner where you can feel like you’re on vacation.

Deco ideas living room relax corner set up basket throw pillow surf board mattress

Or do you want to introduce a holiday feeling into the whole living room?

Deco ideas, living room, maritime wall decoration, holiday feeling, wooden beams, ceiling

 Your dog will also feel at home in the summery decorated living room.

Decoration ideas living room bright sofa lamp mirror throw blankets dog green potted plant