Instead of throwing away the leftovers at home after wallpapering, you can use the leftover wallpaper in a very creative way. Because especially if your wallpapers have beautiful patterns and quality, this is definitely worth it. Fortunately, wallpapers are now available in countless variants and made of different materials. It is not for nothing that these are among the most popular solutions for successful, modern wall decoration. But they still have a lot of decoration and handicraft potential. In the following lines we will show you what you can do with leftover wallpaper strips and strips and how easy it is.

Recycle leftover wallpaper and spruce up your own four walls

wallpaper scraps diy ideas

Enhance furniture with scraps of wallpaper

One of the most decorative ways to use your wallpaper scraps in a creative way is decorating furniture. For example, it can be used to wallpaper the back wall of bookshelves very quickly and easily. You only need to measure the exact length and width of the required piece of wallpaper, cut it out and stick it on with some double-sided TESA film.


Tender tendrils in rose red instantly refresh the entire room

shelf decorate wallpaper scraps ideas

It can of course also be a little more subtle, e.g. B. with classic patterns in neutral colors

Remnants of wallpaper decoration ideas to make yourself

Remnants of wallpaper are also ideal for draping from the head of the bed. You can either stick the wallpaper directly on it or create an optical headboard by using different pieces of wallpaper and designing it as a collage. Colors and shapes are completely up to you and depend on the furnishing style.

This gives the boring bed a new, radiant look

wallpaper remnants decoration ideas bedroom

A few hexagons from different wallpapers can work wonders

wallpaper remnants wall decoration ideas

The bathroom cabinet and the corridor chest of drawers also look nicely spruced up with matching wallpaper scraps. Self-adhesive vinyl wallpapers are the perfect choice here, but other types can also work well depending on the space. The best thing about such a decoration is the possibility to easily remove it or replace it with another wallpaper.

The tiny berry patterns on the back of the cabinet look very stylish

bathroom decor idea wallpaper scraps

Let the fresh spring breeze into your room …

white dresser decorate wallpaper scraps

Spice up stairs with pretty patterns

And what about the stairs? This is ascended and descended every day and can seem too boring in the long run. Give your risers a fresh touch by sprucing them up with scraps of wallpaper. You can either use the same wallpaper or mix completely different patterns and let your creativity run free. Depending on your style and taste, you can create a romantic or oriental flair in the stairwell or create a more simple ambience between the floors. A vase with fresh flowers and / or a couple of stylish wall mirrors definitely fit in there.

This turns the boring staircase into a real work of art

stylish staircase decoration idea wallpaper scraps

A touch of shabby chic brings more softness into the interior

wallpaper scraps stairs decoration ideas

Expressive with an oriental aftertaste

Remnants of wallpaper decorate stairs

Create beautiful murals with scraps of wallpaper

With a little manual dexterity and simple materials and tools such as a simple picture frame, double-sided adhesive tape, ruler and scissors, you can make magical murals yourself. Wallpaper scraps are of course a welcome addition. You can also make two or more wall pictures very cleverly and use them as original wall decoration or just arrange a single picture with other framed photos or works of art, depending on your own taste and personal preferences.

Become an artist yourself with the help of scraps of wallpaper

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Filigree flowers and tendrils as wallpaper patterns also look incredibly picturesque as pictures

wallpaper scraps wall decoration diy ideas

Often the DIY murals made from wallpaper scraps can hardly be distinguished from those painted

wallpaper remnants wall decoration ideas picture frames

The combination with other drawings or photos immediately becomes an eye-catcher

wall art ideas mural wallpaper scraps

And if you find wallpaper particularly beautiful, but cannot decorate your walls with it for budget reasons, then it might be very clever if you ask the dealer about leftover wallpaper. Often these are even available for free or for little money. Not a bad idea, right?

You can use it to create wonderful works of art

mural make wallpaper leftovers ideas

Let yourself be inspired by the rest of the decoration ideas from our picture gallery and use leftover wallpaper in a very creative way!

Have fun decorating and good luck!

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Regardless of whether it is a bookshelf or a chest of drawers – scraps of wallpaper are real all-rounders when it comes to decorating

shelf decoration ideas wallpaper scraps

Remnants of wallpaper flower pattern decorate dresser

wallpaper scraps diy deco chest of drawers

wallpaper scraps diy wall decoration ideas

Couch and side tables can also be artistically transformed with it

side table kids table deco ideas wallpaper scraps

wallpaper scraps decoration ideas side tables stool decorate

Step stools also get a whole new look

Remnants of wallpaper children's stairs decoration ideas

Wallpaper scraps decorate children's stairs step stool

Just like the boring refrigerator

creative ideas for wallpaper scraps

Magical wall decorations are also no problem at all for the leftover wallpaper

colorful wall decorations and book covers, wallpaper scraps

patchwork wall decoration idea wallpaper leftovers

wallpaper scraps diy wall decoration children's room

wallpaper scraps bedroom decor ideas

wall decoration wallpaper scraps ideas

Discover many more ways to give your leftover wallpaper a second chance!

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Recycle leftover wallpaper

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Lampshades decorate scraps of wallpaper

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Remnants of wallpaper decorate children's playhouse    wallpaper scraps creative decoration ideas

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Wallpaper scraps cupboard decorate showcase

Remnants of wallpaper decorate drawers

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