There are now countless ways to creatively design your own four walls. Even optical illusions are involved and provide that certain something.

What are optical illusions actually?

Optical illusion are fascinating because they contradict intuition. They give the appearance of magic and mystical secrets, but the truth is that the explanation lies solely in the functioning of the eye and brain. Sober physics, which also play a key role in the development of visual aids such as glasses, is the basis for the special visual effects.

images with optical illusions

How these work in detail, however, is very different. They can be divided into different categories: Some optical illusions simulate a moving image, although all elements are in reality rigid and immobile. Other illusions suggest different image content to the brain, depending on the perspective; this applies to both shapes and colors. And proportions and dimensions can also play a trick on the eye, like the examples from show, optical illusions cover an astonishing range. From the illusion of movement to the Müller-Lyerer arrow illusion, every conceivable phenomenon is in stock.

wall design with optical illusion

Living trend: optical illusion on the wall

So it comes as no surprise that optical illusions have long since found their way into home decor. They are particularly suitable for creative wall design, as they are directly in the field of vision as posters or pictures and give the room a lively character. It is hardly possible to evade the effect of an optical illusion; the effects of the posters are guaranteed.

But precisely because of this strong effect, decoration of this type should only be used in suitable places. For example, optical illusions are not suitable for the bedroom, as this is supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation; apparently moving pictures on the wall effectively prevent this. the Disruptive factors in the bedroom after all, start much earlier, for example with strong colors such as bright red or with neon lighting.

In lively rooms, they do all the better for it. They bring a creative element into play and ensure an individual living character that is aimed at all generations. Thanks to the large selection of online products, money is not a critical factor when shopping: There are suitable products in all sizes and price ranges, as well as in all styles and designs, so that the home can be upgraded with the special elements.

optical illusions for the home

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image as a window for optical illusion  decoration with optical illusions