Garden lights have two tasks. On the one hand, they should create optimal visibility at dusk and in the dark. They perform this task on roadsides, for example. The lamps illuminate the path in a structured way so that you can orientate yourself optimally when walking along. You also ensure that there is sufficient brightness so that you can guide the key into your door lock with just one attempt. In addition to the useful aspect of garden lights, they also have a decorative aspect. Every garden should be bursting with decoration with plants, furniture or lights. This distinguishes your garden as your masterpiece, makes it homely and helps it to become an oasis of well-being. Atmospheric light accents provide a relaxing atmosphere when the evening is to end with mild summer breezes. When grilling or chatting with friends, the lights provide light spots that stimulate dreaming.

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Buy the right way – You should consider these criteria

So that your light in the garden becomes an absolute eye-catcher, you should consider a few aspects when buying. First of all, choose a model made of suitable material. Stainless steel, aluminum or plastics are ideal for use in the garden. After all, they are exposed to weather conditions all year round. These range from intense sunlight to moisture and frost. So that the material does not give in, it should stand out due to its high UV resistance. This is particularly important when choosing the plastic. In order to be protected from moisture and wetness, the garden light must be marked with an IP code. This is an international standard that specifies the degree of stability of light. Usually it is an IP code followed by two digits. The first digit stands for protection against penetration against contact and foreign bodies. Dust and Pollen can be found in the garden enough. Therefore, you should not be able to damage the lamp. The second digit describes the protection against water. Basically, the IP classification against the penetration of water ranges from 0 to 9. In order to have sufficient protection against the penetration of spray water, you should select the number “4”.

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Garden lighting: a fairytale setting offers you a wide range. From small spotlights to high spotlights to stylish spherical lights, you get your money’s worth here. Select the models as you wish so that you can decorate your garden with a dreamy summer backdrop. Rely on freely expressed creativity. Don’t be afraid to try something new. How about a unique reading corner, for example? To do this, you can place a comfortable armchair in the middle of the garden. A swaying path made of white pebbles leads the observer directly to this place of silence. At the edge of the path, small LED spotlights can add a fairy-tale touch. An LED spotlight with dimmable light intensity can be used so that you can read fascinating books on the armchair even at dusk. Tip: To make this place an oasis of calm, however, don’t forget a fly screen. Finally cares the LED spotlight for an intense light spot, which attracts insects, flies and mosquitoes.

Nice ideas for garden lighting

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 Garden lighting creates a romantic atmosphere

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