Have you ever spent your vacation in the south of France? Then you know the charm of French Provence. Picturesque landscapes, interesting plays of light and an azure blue sky are typical for this part of the country. They have inspired numerous artists and still impress us today with their natural charm. These include wide fields of lavender, chirping cicadas and the furnishing style of Provence. It looks back on a centuries-old tradition and enchants all visitors to the French south with its pleasant cosiness, classic furniture and simple room design. The stylish mix of these characteristics can be clearly seen in the French living room in Provence style. In the following, we will show you what is characteristic of these rooms and how you can bring the Provencal flair into your own four walls in other parts of the world. Stick with it and let yourself be inspired for a stylish living room design in the French country house style!

A cozy living room in Provence style spreads a natural attitude towards life from the French south.

Provence style cozy living room romantic interior design comfortable furniture white covers pillows wooden table white tulips wall mirror

What distinguishes the Provence style?

The Provence style is simple, natural, refined and timeless at the same time. It is an interesting mixture of the simple way of life in the country and the sophisticated aesthetics of the French. That is the French country house style, typical for the Mediterranean south. Every living room in this style is cozy and very romantic designed so that it appeals to all the senses.

In the French interior in Provence style you can see comfortable seating furniture, which above all has a classic design. They are often placed around or in front of the fireplace and offer enough seats for a cozy chat with the family. The tables are made of wood or metal and can have playful decorative elements. The room walls in the living room in Provence style are in most cases whitewashed so that the classic country house furniture and other home accessories come into their own against this neutral background. Large wooden beams can be seen on the ceiling, while the wooden floor is not always covered with a carpet.

 A bare floor, wooden beams on the ceiling and room accessories made from natural materials are typical of the Provence style.

Provence style rural living room bare floor wooden beams on the ceiling room accessories made of natural materials typical of the French country house style

 The Provencal style is characterized by its peculiar perfectionism.

Provence style cozy living room bright colors comfortable seating in front of the fireplace simple table candles flowers bookshelf in the background

The most important characteristics of the French furnishing style in Provence also include numerous home accessories made from natural materials. Here we mean rural chandeliers made of metal or wood, plaited wall decorations made of branches, mirror frames with classic and romantic decorations, etc. But what really characterizes this style is the muted color scheme in the room. It is no exception that a single color dominates in the interior. This can be white, but it is often combined with soft pastel shades and sand colors. In a living room in Provence style, azure blue, terracotta, olive green and grape red can still be found. Often just as accents. But how would such an interior be possible without lavender purple? Not at all! The delicate lavender color does not necessarily have to dominate the room. Even small accents in lavender are enough to introduce a romantic note into the ambience. As you can also see in our picture gallery, for a room in the style of Provence you choose predominantly natural colors, which are predominant outside in the French south.

Lavender can be perfectly combined with light gray.

Provence style cozy stylish living room sofa set in light gray accents in lavender carpet pillows stone fireplace

 Wood and light colors make this living room flooded with light.

Provence-style light-flooded living room sand-colored lots of wood white covers of the seating set fireplace

 Small accents in fresh lime green round off the French country-style interior.

Provence style attractive living room romantic flair light colors comfortable furniture small eye-catchers in fresh lime green

Provence style light furniture sand colored carpet in terracotta small accents in lime green

 Azure blue is especially popular in the classic Provence-style living room.

Provence style classic living room classic furniture azure blue and white in color combination

Why is the Provence style still in demand today??

The Provence style never goes out of style because it is absolutely timeless. He shows all big city children that life can go on at a slow pace. In addition, this rural furnishing style evokes a deep nostalgia in us. We fondly remember the childhood years that we spent in the country and long played in the open air. The Provence style brings us back to nature, to our original roots. In addition, in such an interior you can quickly and without hesitation forget the everyday stress of the big city and enjoy nature to the fullest. For these reasons, the Provence style remains in demand today. Because of its typical features, natural charm, romantic flair and its aesthetic sophistication, the Provence style is classic and timeless. And it always stays that way!

Here you can live close to nature!

Provence style inviting living room light wood white living close to nature

Naturalness in the interior is very important in the Provence style!

Provence style Naturalness in the interior capitalized a lot of wood beams carpet made of natural fibers Pot with lavender

Provence style naturalness in the interior wood beams trunks bright colors many pillows

Take a few minutes to admire the next few pictures. Surely they will soon make you dream of a Provencal living room that brings the charm of the French south into your own four walls!

Everyone feels comfortable in the living room in Provence style!

Provence style bright light-filled living room simple furniture open door bare floor

 Classic and very elegant at the same time!

Provence style classically furnished living room classic furniture in front of the fireplace very elegant design

Provence style classic furniture cozy room design wooden chest as a table vase with flowers very appealing ambience accents in wine red

Provence style classic interior in living room white seating patterned throw pillows two small tables two stools lamp

Provence style Gray dominated armchair table rural tray white candles dark lamp gray throw blanket