In summer we want to spend as long as possible outdoors and recharge our batteries. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to swim in the garden pool and hang out with friends or retire to the terrace and enjoy a few hours in peace and quiet, depends entirely on you. Ultimately, everyone has their own way of relaxing and reducing everyday stress. Today we want to give you a few more ideas on how you can comfortably spend your free time in summer. Why not design a boho style porch? On the one hand, this would express your free spirit and your unconventional thinking. On the other hand, you don’t need a lot for it, because you are sure to already have the right furniture and decoration for such a room at home. All you should do is use your creativity and roll up your sleeves. We will give you great design ideas, you can decide for yourself which ones work for you and which don’t!

 Your boho style veranda has to be inviting and very cozy.

Boho style porch comfortable old furniture rattan armchair

What exactly is Boho Style and where does it come from?


The boho style or boho chic has been back in trend for years. It is experiencing a real revival, especially in fashion and interior design, and has therefore become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The origins of the boho style go back to the 60s and 70s of the last century, when society experienced a change and the hippie movement formed.

The unconventional artistic milieu, especially philosophers, poets and painters, in short the so-called Bohème, organized intellectual discussions and rebelled against the stiff bourgeoisie. Their unconventional thinking, free spirit and affirmation of life were the focus of this new movement. They originally sought their inspiration from the gypsies from Bohemia, who are known for their joie de vivre and freedom. That is why the term Boho Style comes from “Bohemian”. The word definitely stands for “unconventional”, which means “bohemian”. This is an expression of the inner urge for more freedom and joie de vivre in everyday life.

 The boho style is an expression of the inner urge for joie de vivre and freedom.

Boho style porch small area hammock macrame round rug two white pots of green plants

What does the boho style mean in interior design?

What began in the 1970s as a liberation from the constraints of the bourgeoisie has established itself in interior design as a new form of living. A colorful mix of furniture, fabrics and patterns characterizes the boho style in the interior. Everything is allowed here that creates a cozy, inviting and colorful atmosphere. You don’t even get deterred by a mix of styles, even if furniture and accessories don’t go well together. This means that contradictions are allowed in the Boho Style interior. You can put an old table next to a modern sofa or make colorful home accessories yourself. For example, DIY decorative pieces in boho style are particularly popular. This allows you to express your individuality and creative thinking and create a really unique atmosphere in the room, where you like to linger and which you don’t want to leave at all! You will soon find out how to use these furnishing and design principles on the boho style veranda!

You could forget the time on the boho style veranda!

Boho style porch swing white textiles green plants

 Create a harmonious outdoor atmosphere where you can feel relaxed.

Boho style veranda harmonious outdoor atmosphere table bench made of wood

How to design a boho style porch?

A boho style veranda can be your favorite place in the open air, where you can withdraw and enjoy full relaxation. For this you need a skilful mix of old and new furniture, especially made of wood and rattan, plus colorful textiles and lots of deco in ethnic style. To achieve a “bohemian-like” look, you still need a pinch of individuality and unconventional thinking!

 Old furniture made of wood and rattan as well as colorful textiles with ethnic patterns are the absolute must-haves on the veranda in Boho style.

Boho style porch old furniture made of wood and rattan

Furniture for the porch in boho style:

Old pieces of furniture made of wood and rattan are now in demand for the porch in boho style. First take a look around your home and take a look at the old pieces of furniture that have been unused in the basement or on the roof for years. Perhaps you will discover an old wicker sofa from grandma’s times, which deserves a new chance. A wicker armchair would also decorate the porch in Boho style and make a small contribution to the cozy atmosphere outdoors. A hammock or swing and small accessories in a braided pattern also cut a fine figure there. Here we mean interesting table lamps and side tables that score with their unique design. If you even have a Moroccan-style lantern or two, now is the time to put them on display.

Beautiful, soft carpets, self-crocheted sofa covers and a Moroccan-style screen fit perfectly into this boho atmosphere.

Boho style veranda colorful textiles many colors carpet self-crocheted sofa cover Paravent in Moroccan style

Colorful, more colorful … Boho style on the veranda!

Boho style veranda rug ethnic pattern colorful sofa blanket colorful decorative pillows pleasant atmosphere


Colorful textiles make the boho style on the veranda

Multicolored carpets with ethnic patterns are a must here. Soft pillows and throw blankets, finely patterned and with fringes, complement the cozy flair and create an inviting and homely atmosphere. Macrame wall decorations can emphasize the boho atmosphere. Small animal figures in vintage style complete it. The preferred colors in boho style on the veranda are all natural tones, for example beige, brown, olive green, kaki and warm gray. The color palette is further supplemented by saturated accent colors. All red nuances, orange, sun yellow, violet and bright blue tones are very popular. You couldn’t go wrong on the boho style porch with soft textiles and this warm color palette!

 Textiles in earthy nuances and decorated with ethnic patterns emphasize the free spirit on the veranda.

Boho style veranda colorful textiles earth nuances ethnic patterns emphasize the free spirit

 You can make a small tent yourself for your little ones.

Boho style veranda little time for the children colorful carpet beautiful colors ethnic pattern

Beautiful green plants make the boho style veranda appear even more natural and cheerful.

Last but not least, we don’t want to forget the green plants, because they are true artists not only in the interior, but also on the porch in boho style. Ferns, palms of all kinds, lucky lily and Co. bring a fresh note to the veranda and create a pleasant atmosphere there. You can cultivate your favorite plants in pots or hanging baskets and admire their greenery every day. If you have a green thumb, we recommend one vertical garden  to create. Soon you will see the green plants thank you for your care with even more lush greenery.

 Surround yourself with lush green plants!

Boho style veranda very stylish inviting Persian rug in dark red many lush green plants wood rattan dog

And enjoy the boho atmosphere on your veranda!

Boho style porch old armchair stool colorful carpet

Follow our tips for designing a boho style porch and you can have countless hours of serenity all summer long! We want to wish you that too!

 Spend as much time as possible here in summer!

Boho style porch hanging lamp made of rattan lots of lush green decorative pillows ethnic pattern long sofa

Boho style veranda all wooden table sofa a lot of lush green pleasant atmosphere

Boho style veranda rug in gray rocking bed colorful decorative pillows

Boho style veranda Boho relaxation corner on the covered terrace two potted plants

Boho style porch rug in off-white and burgundy sofa colorful blanket many green plants hanging lamp

Boho style veranda narrow room colorful carpet textiles ethnic pattern lots of wood rattan

Boho style veranda armchair made of rattan sofa right lush green plants decorative cushions

Boho Style Porch Wood Canopy Corner Sofa Old Round Table Floor Tiles Hanging Lamp

Boho style porch floor made of wooden panels wooden table wooden bench old metal chairs green plants seat cushions