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Beautify your fireplaces with the following decorating tips

With beautiful colors and accessories, the fireplace can be transformed into a beautiful focal point in the living room or anywhere else.

Do you want to emphasize the natural beauty of your fireplaces? Open your senses to the breadth of possibilities.

Collections, remarkable works of art or family pictures can help you with this. These are just a few examples of how you can make the fireplace more interesting and personal.

The arrangement of your personal belongings can make the distinctive statement that will beautify the style in your room.

Everyday accessories, family inheritance or works of art can form the basis of your decorating style. But the creative placement or the clever additions can make your fireplace shine. Whether you’re a fan of traditional, modern, or eclectic styles, you can take advantage of the tips below.

Make connections

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Are you in the process of choosing items to place on the mantelpiece? Or maybe you want to put any on the wall next to it? Choose them so that they have something in common.

– Think of family collections of tableware, sculptures, old books, which will add a personal touch. The more of these, the funnier it will be. Fill the mantelpiece with these, but avoid overcrowding. Set them at different heights and use them as you would with valuable collections.

– A similar color palette can lead to the successful combination of objects that would otherwise not match. Take on the dominant color in the room in the design. Look for items in this shade. These could be candles, picture frames or works of art

– Objects that are thematically related to the color nuance in your room could have the same effect as the similar color. Collect objects in nature and combine them with a beautiful plant or botanical prints. Exhibit items related to a specific hobby.

– You can make your design even more interesting by repeating it. You can give this a graphic character. What about three black and white pictures of your children, placed side by side and carefully framed, matted and hung up? Such a constellation would have a wonderful effect, right??

 Create a single eye catcher

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Use a simple, unadorned object to emphasize the fireplace’s role as a fulcrum. You can hang a great piece of art or a mirror over the mantelpiece. Would you rather go for a more casual style? Prop the selected object next to the frame of the cornice on the wall.

Is the wall very high? Then hang the picture high enough that they are seen as a common object.

A minimal design of the cornice would be appropriate in a minimalist room. A small mantelpiece would seem too pathetic in a room overcrowded with sumptuous furniture.

Bring three dimensional objects together

Are you in the process of choosing different, three-dimensional objects for your mantelpiece? They could contribute to a particularly interesting appearance due to the variety of shapes and sizes. Put the more interesting pieces at the back of the mantelpiece. Furthermore, you could alternate the sizes in the sense of a visually exciting appearance. Then place the objects of different shapes and sizes next to each other, leaving room to breathe between them.

Mix groups of small and large items. The large mantelpiece shouldn’t overshadow small objects.

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical

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When placing various objects on the mantelpiece, you should opt for either a symmetrical or an asymmetrical appearance. You should decide this according to your personal taste or the desired look.

– the symmetrical process is most practical and popular when it comes to designing a floor space. The result is classic and very visually appealing. First, you should start with the object serving as the focal point. That can represent either the greatest or the one with the greatest visual power. Then work your way out by creating mirror images. The pieces don’t have to be identical, but they should be related to each other

– The asymmetrical arrangement creates harmony between objects of different sizes and shapes. The key: achieving balance without lining up within a common line. Balance large, heavy pieces by combining them with small ones. The asymmetrical constellations are particularly suitable for modern apartments.

Behind the mantelpiece

The decoration doesn’t necessarily have to be on or above the mantelpiece. You can also place the striking work of art behind it. When doing this, consider the fire pit and fire box.

– During the warm season, you could fill the black hole with fresh white birch trunks. The traditional fire arrangement adds a classic touch. For a more graphic appearance, stow the logs in blocks from front to back and cut the ends off.

– A common decoration for the fire pits includes the fireplace screen and other tools. While they are useful, they could suit your style and reflect your personality. You can find the tools on the market in various ornate variations that would suit a quirky style as well as an elegant, contemporary style. An interesting ornament can be a welcome change from everyday style. You could also rely on large pieces for your design: That would be a basket with trunks, a plant in a pot or a piece of a sculpture. They will also be a strong statement against the large fireplace.

Do you now have better ideas on how to decorate your fireplace for the holidays to come? Our tips are sure to help you!

Exceptional fireplace on the corner of the wall

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Traditional home furnishings

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Classic, ornament-rich design in the living room

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Bright, warm living room furniture

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Contemporary living room – elegant decoration inspired by nature

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Rustic living room – wooden furniture

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Built-in fireplace with Msaik surface

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Stone fireplace in the large living room – ergonomic leather lounger

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Massive built-in fireplace – wall mirror hung over it

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