tinker with glass bottles candle lanterns

15 creative DIY ideas for crafting with glass bottles

Bottles can be recycled in a variety of ways, but why not in a subtle, creative way? One of them is tinkering with glass bottles. Today we are introducing you to 15 original craft ideas for home items. You will find many interesting projects here – from vases and candle holders, to hanging flower pots, to atmospheric Christmas decorations and even a Buddhist temple.

All of this was, in fact, made from glass bottles. No matter what type of bottle – beer or wine bottles, bottles with corks, with screw caps or those with a swing top – they are all perfect as craft material for various useful or decorative objects.

So use our great DIY ideas for handicrafts with glass bottles and let yourself be infected with the love of handicrafts. You will be amazed how easy it is to create beautiful things and how satisfied you will feel afterwards.

 You can make beautiful vases with glass paints from the glass bottles

tinker with glass bottles painted vases

You don’t find hanging flower pots like this one that often, right?

   tinker glass bottles hanging flower pots

  Simplicity in a very original way

tinker with glass bottles candle holder

Even the toothbrush holder can be made from a glass bottle

tinker with glass bottle toothbrush holder

If you choose a chandelier, you can leave the stickers on it for that extra touch

tinker glass bottles chandeliers

You can choose a special bottle for the lamp base

tinker with glass bottles lamp base

Cool wall shelf without rivets

tinker glass bottles open wall shelf

Colorful privacy screens at the entrance

tinker with glass bottles privacy screen

Buddhist style glass mosaic

handicrafts with glass bottles buddhist

Sustainable sleeping

tinker glass bottles cool bed frame

Bird feeding in style

tinker with glass bottles bird feeding

Create a little Christmas cheer

tinker with glass bottles christmas decorations

With acrylic varnish you can completely redesign any glass bottle

tinker with glass bottles white vases

Three wine bottles, three corks and a metal chain is a creative greyhound

tinker glass bottles wind chimes

What did you choose? Was it the beautiful vases or the romantic candle holders? Maybe you can think of another idea for crafting with glass bottles.