Stylish door decoration with stencils

Door decoration with stencils

If you think your interior or exterior doors are boring and monotonous, but still don’t want to stick posters or placards on them, then you can paint the doors. The door decoration is interesting and gives the house an attractive appearance. Instead of using just one color, paint in multiple colors and tones. You can also use a fairly complex pattern as a template.

The material for the stencil must not be sensitive to moisture and must nevertheless adapt flexibly and easily to the door. The smaller the subject, the more difficult the work and the more diligently you have to go ahead. We have collected a number of ideas for you that will show you how great and wonderful the doors could look. All of the following suggestions bring only positive and pleasant emotions to the home. Here we show you some door decorations, all in fun colors, and hope you enjoy yourself if you want to try it too!

 Outer door with orange stencils

Door decoration with stencils

 Living room doors painted in geometric shapes

black stencils on the door

 Interesting door decoration in the apartment

Doors with templates

 Two-tone stencils on the cellar door

Door decoration with stencils

 Pink outer door

Interesting door decoration

 Geometric shapes on the cabinet doors

Stencils on the doors

 Stencils on the door

Nice shapes on the door

 Classic outer door with gold motifs

Exterior door decoration

 White door and stencils on it

Interesting door decoration ideas