A few weeks before the largest family celebration in Germany, the festive Christmas decorations are understandably a preferred topic for us. If you browse our website properly, you will find numerous ideas for how to make yourself festive and cozy at home. We are happy to give suggestions, for example, how to decorate your Christmas tree, bake something delicious for Christmas, put together a festive menu and decorate the festive table. Today we also want to present you tips on how to display a small Christmas tree as a great table decoration. You don’t have to lavishly decorate the small Christmas tree, because it is beautiful even without decoration and brings the festive atmosphere into the house. Wrap the sapling in burlap or put it in a basket and voila! You already have a great eye-catcher at home that brings the magic of the festival with it. Below you will discover interesting ways of making the small Christmas tree an eye-catcher.

 Even without a lot of Christmas decorations, the small Christmas tree is eye-catching!

Decorate a small Christmas tree, put little jewelry on display in the black pot on a wooden disc

A few small Christmas trees in paper bags visually complement the kitchen interior.

Small Christmas tree decorations flaunt some Christmas trees in paper sacks on the kitchen table

What should you watch out for when decorating a small Christmas tree??

A small Christmas tree has a height of approx. 35 to 50 cm. That’s why it doesn’t need a lot of Christmas decorations to attract attention. With a few shiny balls and straw stars, it quickly transforms into an atmospheric accent in your four walls. You can complete the Christmas decorations with a garland and matching lights. Candles are rather unsuitable for this, as they are usually quite heavy for the narrow fir branches. Start decorating from the top of the tree and work your way down in a spiral. And something particularly important must always be kept in mind: This is not about the amount of Christmas decorations, but about the correct arrangement of the individual ornaments. In addition, the well-known principle of minimalism applies when decorating the mini Christmas tree – less is more. Believe us, your mini Christmas tree does not look beautiful overloaded with jewelry, but rather kitschy! And you do not want to allow that to happen, it is true?

 When decorating a mini Christmas tree, anything you like is allowed!

Small Christmas tree decorate display small kitchen utensils on the tree in a corner on the kitchen countertop

When decorating, choose a uniform color palette where the tones harmonize well with each other and go well with your interior. You can also choose a few shades of a shade. That looks very stylish too! Then complement this with some gold and silver glitter. In this way you can create a highlight that will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

 With the right jewelry, your mini Christmas tree will shine with a festive glow.

Decorate small Christmas tree put on display dark red silver and gold balls stars in a burlap sack

In what style could you decorate a small Christmas tree??

Opinions usually differ on the question posed in this way. As we have emphasized above, everything you like is allowed with the mini Christmas tree. It is only important that the tree shines festively and gives your home a festive touch. Many homeowners opt for a classic jewelry, in the traditional colors of the Christmas festival red, green and white. You can also add a little gold or silver to complete the classic look.

Of course, pine cones and a large bow should not be missing to complete the timeless Christmas decorations.

Decorate small Christmas tree put on display with pine cones large bow golden balls

Since we are giving clever tips for decorating a small Christmas tree, we recommend that you do not overdo it with the jewelry. Even a little more! Better keep this minimalist! A decoration in black and white also looks great for Christmas! The next picture examples are good proof of this.

 This Christmas decoration in black and white is very easy to copy.

Small Christmas tree decorate showcase Christmas decorations in black and white snowflakes star gifts underneath

Purism and minimalism when decorating a small Christmas tree.

Decorate a small Christmas tree to showcase purism minimalism in a wooden box little decoration

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to the fact that homemade Christmas decorations are the best. Those who like to do handicrafts can show what they can really do in the next few weeks. Hand-made figures, balls, stars and Co. made of wood, straw or felt can be used well. All friends of the art of baking now get their money’s worth. Snowmen, houses or gnomes made of gingerbread are also great decorations for the mini Christmas tree.

 Everything homemade is a big hit for Christmas 2020.

Decorating a small Christmas tree on display makes self-made decorations very eye-catching

A beautiful room decoration for the nursery!

Small Christmas tree decorate put on display nicely decorated in the nursery in a corner next to the window

Where can you put the little decorated Christmas tree?? 

The small Christmas tree can fit anywhere as a table decoration, because it brings the unique Christmas spirit with it. For example, it can be the eye-catcher on your coffee table, on a chest of drawers or on a side table. The decorated mini Christmas tree would cut a fine figure anywhere. Next to the fireplace, on the windowsill, in a corner of the hall. It also inscribes itself perfectly in the kitchen, either on the dining table or in a corner of the kitchen worktop. The next pictures should enrich you with further ideas and encourage you to decorate a small Christmas tree this year and put it in the limelight! And have a nice Christmas!

 Do you also want to decorate your kitchen for a festive occasion? With a mini Christmas tree, maybe?

Small Christmas tree decorate put on display in a beautiful blue and white bow pot on the kitchen countertop

 Or even with two?

To decorate a small Christmas tree, put two mini Christmas trees on display next to the fireplace in the corner

With a little shine and glitter, the mini Christmas tree brings a great Christmas atmosphere into the house.

Decorate a small Christmas tree to showcase the Christmas spirit with sparkle and glitter

 A prime example of a beautifully decorated little Christmas tree.

Small Christmas tree decorate flaunt stylish decorations on the dresser star on the wall

Even the small Christmas tree can reap admiring glances, or?

Small Christmas tree decorate flaunt decorated with baubles and roses eye-catching

The well-balanced appearance is of prime importance for the stylish decoration of the small Christmas tree.

Decorate a small Christmas tree and put a large hemp bow in the wicker basket

Merry Christmas!

Small Christmas tree decorate flaunt little decoration very stylish