Every year before the onset of spring, all garden owners think about how they can redesign their garden for the next few months. Most gardens across the country do not have enough space, so you have to try to make the most of a limited space. As always, we want to be helpful with clever tips, which is why we have prepared interesting ideas for designing small gardens for today’s article. This can also be used for a small backyard, because the goal is the same: everyone wants to create a beautiful green oasis outside, where they can linger undisturbed and spend a lot of time in the midst of beautiful nature. This is also the guide for the following garden design ideas.

 Designing a small garden is not always easy.

small garden shape beautiful house many colorful garden flowers path fence green shrubs high tree

The main thing here is to use the features of the small garden, to specifically zone the area and to embed it entirely in green. We hope that you will also be able to use our tips and tricks to transform your small garden into a popular retreat. There you can find peace and relaxation from the stressful everyday life during the warm months, meet family members, friends and colleagues and have fun hours outdoors.

Despite the corona pandemic and all associated restrictions. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when designing a small garden.

Design a small garden – we show how it works!

small garden design lush garden flowers and plants at the house pergola embedded in green green lawn

Designing a small garden: start by zoning the available space

On the one hand, this idea for the clever design of a small garden may seem contradictory. On the other hand, it always seems to be more complicated than it actually is. You should therefore start deliberately with zoning the available space. First, plan some open areas in the limited space to make it feel bigger. Draw the paths from one zone to the other. Then think of attractive and relaxing sitting areas that you can create with comfortable outdoor furniture. The motto here is: make yourself as comfortable as possible outside, because you will definitely spend a lot of time outdoors. Discover the cosiness of the small garden and create inviting retreats to read and relax. Then you realize the value of the great idea of ​​dividing up the outside space and creating specific zones. Then ensure more peace and quiet by protecting your privacy from prying eyes with a half-height fence and lots of pretty plants.

Designing a small garden: Individual zones have to be well separated from one another.

Create a small garden, separate individual zones from one another, outdoor seating area, simple metal bistro furniture

 With a half-height fence and lots of lush garden plants, you are in good hands.

design small garden seating area half-height fence many garden plants potted flowers protect privacy

Even though you have limited garden space, it doesn’t mean you have to go without a few extras. For example, having a simple pergola or arbor in the small garden is the classic idea when zoning the garden landscape. It’s also a great way to frame a view and experience pure relaxation there. You can also surround the pergola with shrubs, small trees or even garden decorations to really separate it from the rest of the garden area.

Here you can really rest and relax in the midst of nature.

create a small garden pergola fence in the midst of nature lots of greenery all around rest relax

Use the visual power of colors and shapes effectively

We love this clever idea for creating a small garden, namely to take advantage of the visual power of the colors outside and their shapes. For example, you can plant beautiful lush garden plants in bright colors in front of the location from which you want to observe the small garden. Because they are the first to draw your attention, the rest of the little garden landscape behind them will take a back seat. This is a good trick to make the small garden feel bigger.

Beautiful colors have great visual power and change the look of the garden.

design small garden canopy beautiful autumn colors orange red yellow brown visual power change the garden look


Where symmetry dominates: white hydrangeas frame the straight garden path to the house.

small garden shape symmetry white hydrangeas frame the path to the house

Our next tip is based on the visual power of shapes. Long, straight lines can create the illusion that a small garden appears larger than it actually is. To take full advantage of this optical illusion, create a focal point at the other end of the lines. In this small garden, a fence does the job and is complemented by repeating rows of flowers and a pergola. A focal point is a great idea for creating a small garden to grab the viewer’s attention and keep the outside area looking tidy. A comfortable seating area and vertically arranged garden plants can also take on this function.

This sitting area in the shade of the tall tree and placed on the fence looks really cozy and inviting.

small garden create a cozy, inviting corner to relax in the shade placed directly on the garden fence

The celebration site is the definitive highlight in this well-tended garden.

design small garden fireplace definite highlight four deck chairs interesting creative garden design

Treat yourself to at least one highlight in the small garden

When designing a small garden, you can come up with something special. For example, creating a fireplace. Surround them with comfortable chairs or loungers and you already have an inviting place outdoors. But the good ideas don’t stop there. The placement of the seat right next to a paved veranda and the creation of a second seat near the fence make the small garden appear more spacious.

 The perfectly designed little garden looks like this, right??

Small gardens create clearly defined zones, perfect outdoor areas, pure relaxation


Take advantage of garden flowers and green garden plants

Large-leaved tropical plants create a lush look outdoors, especially in a small landscape. Their large leaves can resize a small garden to make it feel bigger. In addition, their unusual shape arouses more visual interest and brings a holiday mood to your garden. This is why it is good to look out for shrubs and trees that have lots of lush greenery and that look interesting. These green plants, which grow vertically and do not spread horizontally, are suitable. You can also plant these in inconspicuous garden corners and admire their visual effect in a few years. We give you this advice, because in a small garden these areas are often underestimated that cannot be seen directly from the street. Here we mean e.g. B. corners of the house or next to a garage. Turn these spots into unexpected eye-catchers by growing beautiful lush garden plants there.

Lush evergreen plants give the small garden an attractive look.

small garden design beautiful lush large-leaved plants attractive look large flower vessels

Even shady areas can be greened and skilfully staged.

make small gardens interesting design in a semicircular shape greened lush plants

small gardens create inconspicuous places on the house green lush plants eye-catcher

small garden design tiered terrain stone structure lush green plants more attractive look

 Follow our tips for creating a small garden …

small garden shape open porch well zoned wooden floor canopy outdoor seating area

 … and spend wonderful moments full of peace and relaxation outdoors!

small garden design in front of the house lush garden plants seen from the street