girl's room hello kitty

Touch of elegance

Have you ever been lucky enough to visit Taiwan or Japan? You can’t deny that Hello Kitty designs can be found practically everywhere. It is a TV children’s theme that has touched the souls and hearts of practically all families and children in Asia.

Pink and white on Hello Kitty’s face

Have you ever wondered how your Girls room what if you opted for Hello Kitty design? Maybe you couldn’t make up your mind to include such a design in a hurry … Or maybe you like the idea but wanted a few extra incentives before doing it? Regardless of why you still haven’t taken this step, here is one few steps that will convince you.

Designing the girl’s “Hello Kitty” room is a fresh and inspiring decision

girl's room red bow white curtains

What about a gigantic padded wall? If you did it with sweet, delicate and pink – and – white striped paper, the result would be like the one in the picture here. You will thus give the living room a soft consistency without the room looking too crowded.

Pink skirts hang from the ceiling

girls room pink kronleuschter and chairs

Do you like the pink skirts that hang from the ceiling? They can go with practically any type of decoration. But I think they would work best in a Hello Kitty room like this. And that elongated upholstered couch … Oh my god!

Your girl’s dream room

You can forget about all the other nursery designs. Below are some very interesting and extremely innovative bedroom designs that will make even some adults curious.

Hello Kitty accessories

Make girls' rooms totally pink

The room design above is pretty easy to do. Down comforters and Hello Kitty accessories are two very simple additions that will bring the equipment in the right direction.

DIY “Hello Kitty” project

girl's room leopard motif table

If you’re a fan of the fancy solutions, then the DIY Hello Kitty project is probably something you dearly want to copy. You should probably avoid other Hello Kitty furniture in the rest of the house. The big items here don’t match the full shelves.

Baby room “Hello Kitty”

girls room pink blanket baby cradle toy

Are you expecting a young child? Don’t forget the Hello Kitty elements when decorating the extra bedroom for the baby.

A room for grown girls

No matter how old a girl is, she will almost certainly be obsessed with the charm of the Hello Kitty character. Actually, you shouldn’t be afraid to create a Hello Kitty room for yourself. You don’t have to be physically young to do this. With a little feel for contemporary design, this type of design can be presented in a completely different light.

Integrate a round bed

girls room round bed canopy

Tired of rectangular beds? Then you will probably much prefer a round one. The Hello Kitty rug will go perfectly with the pink duvet and pillows. The armchair with a heart also contributes to the elegant design.

“Hello Kitty” washbasin

girls room sofa floor lamp

Anyone who believes that the vanity cannot accommodate the Hello Kitty theme is absolutely wrong. You can, however, fall out of the frame and go for pink and white pieces like this one.

“Hello Kitty” study room

girl's room sofa white closet deco

If you want to opt for a simple office design or a unique study room, you don’t necessarily have to go to extremes.

A magnificent chandelier

girls room bed pink chandelier decoration

You can also see here that the chandeliers create a strong reference to the Hello Kitty theme. The space above doesn’t include too many beautiful details, except for the Hello Kitty chair and the wardrobe. But somehow everything fits together perfectly.

Let our “Hello Kitty” Girls room to inspire!

“Hello Kitty” ceiling lighting

 girls room deco blanket carpet beds

Diversity of “Hello Kitty” accessories

girls room green wardrobe bed

 Girls’ room in soft, beautiful colors

girl's room purple lighting