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Exotic plants at home – 12 tropical centerpieces with exotic green

What would you do if you bought a large tropical leaf? I tell you: decorate with it! These can withstand up to 10 weeks. Do you want to achieve that too? In today’s article, you will learn how that can work super well for you too.

And yes, you can do it on your own! You don’t need a florist to do this!

Tropical leaves and flowers

We’ll start with a few simple arrangements that include some leaves and flowers. In the picture below you can see decoration with a window leaf! (Monstera deliciosa). Here we are dealing with a simple statement and a deep impression.

Enjoy the magical beauty of the tropical nature

exotic plants monstera decoration home green fresh

Interesting name, right? Today you will hear a few other such ones as well. You have certainly seen some of these plants, but you cannot remember their names.

Below we see the humble beauty of the King Protea in a contemporary white vase. [according to CB2]

An original vase goes perfectly with it

exotic plants white vase decoration home green fresh

Personally, I’m in love with the arrangement with the heliconias below. The combination of the black vases and the chair in the same color fascinates me! In my opinion, the best monochromatic background to green has been found here. [according to Mr. Mitchell]

Flower decoration in the office – a fresh idea

exotic plants monstera decoration home office green fresh

You could use white anthurium to give the room some exotic flair without being too intrusive. I find the combination with other objects in bright colors in this picture completely successful. The picture below is from CB2. There you can see how perfectly the trunks fit into a room with subtle color effects. In this case it is the red beetle and the yellow ball.

Pay attention to the little details

exotic plants decoration home kitchen green fresh

Tall vase and pointed green leaves. This is the ultimate design perfection! This is especially true for large tables in particularly wide rooms like this one. Do you notice how the arrangements stand out below? This even works in a room with a view of even more lush greenery.

Design perfection par excellence!

exotic plants dining area vase decoration home green fresh

The flowers and vases below form an arrangement that could compete with an art installation. Notice how the radiant colors and dramatic foliage represent the vibrant, whimsical nature of modern beauty at its best. [according to Thirdstone]

Are you an art lover?

exotic plants dining area vase decoration home green fresh wood table

Exotic arrangements

In the last part of the article, we’ll look at some exotic arrangements that create a decadent feel. The different vegetable varieties come to the rescue.

As an example, you can take this tropical heart of the company Coast to Coast Flowers to name. It includes Birds of Paradise, Anthuriums, Protea, Ireland Bell, and Dendrobium Orchids. Carefully observe how the heights of the leaves and flowers vary in the most seductive tropical arrangements.

Strong, lively colors add mood and freshness to your everyday life

exotic plants decoration home tropical colorful

Don’t be afraid to place some small vases around the center piece. [according to Arthouse Design]

Decorate your party with exotic flowers

exotic plants deco tich jewelry wedding green fresh

You can’t go wrong with star bells … This is especially true for the striking pink variety that you can see in the picture below. With lilies you can create a wonderful focus in a cost-effective and striking way. However, people with allergies should be careful with this! [according to Great design]

Do you have flowers in the office? why not?

exotic plants monstera deco zatelier office green fresh

Your arrangement doesn’t have to be high to make a strong statement. Below we see a contemporary vase of tropical flowers. The bouquet includes Proteas, which color matches the company’s table CB2 bring.

Decorate the dining area! Flowers are always welcome

exotic plants dining area vase decoration home green fresh table

One cannot deny the skyrocketing popularity of airy plants. They get their food from the air and therefore the earth is superfluous. Contrary to what many people believe, these plants need water. Even so, they require little maintenance and stay beautiful and modern for a long time.

Airy plants – they don’t need soil and very little maintenance

exotic plants decoration home tropical colorful green red

At the end we come to a work of art of skillful care. Here the branches, the green and the stones achieve a wonderful interplay. It’s a fabulous creation by Articulture. Do you want to create your own work of this kind? The air plant is perfect for achieving such a bold figure, you won’t find it?

You don’t need a florist! You could also create such a beautiful creation from tropical plants all by yourself

exotic plants decoration home tropical oriental

My idea of ​​decorating with tropical plants had already changed completely after first viewing the pictures listed today. Hopefully you have also been motivated to achieve such green beauty at home. Have lots of fun with it!