Are you looking for an alternative to the white color for the interior design, which is just as neutral and elegant? The ivory color is certainly a very good decision! This is clearly one of the best alternatives for neutral interior design. As a rule, the ivory color is mostly used in the design of walls. But we’d be happy to show you several other alternatives for using this shade in interior design. You can also see sofas, furniture and accessories in modern designs. And much more …

The ivory color is ideal for modern furniture

Accessories in the closet - ivory

Can you actually tell the ivory color apart from other light shades?

Many people confuse ivory with some other colors that have similar characteristics. Similar shades include sand, cream, and beige. In the case of ivory, we have the yellow shade in it and this is much less or not at all present in all other alternatives.

In comparison, the color of sand has much more to do with silver. Another distinguishing feature is the fact that sand and beige, for example, are darker there compared to the ivory shade. Thus, ivory is a neutral color, which, however, looks very warm and sunny at the same time. Incidentally, it can be wonderfully combined with the other shades listed within light, monochrome and neutral interior design concepts.

 Ivory floor and walls

All walls in beautiful ivory

Where could ivory be used in interior design and decoration??

Ivory is one of the colors that could easily be used anywhere in the interior. Mostly, however, it is used in dark rooms so that they appear brighter and more inviting. It’s also a popular choice for children’s rooms. There it provides a good background for the constantly changing interior design, which is both sunny and bright. Kitchens, bathrooms and other sanitary facilities appear extremely clean and hygienic thanks to ivory. Exactly the same can be said for the kitchen. In the latter case, however, you should prefer to choose easy-care materials so that you can achieve the desired result.

The combination of white and ivory looks classic 

Everything in a very light ivory color

Combinations with ivory color

Let’s go into more detail on the topic of “ivory color”. Basically, you can use it to pair all neutral shades. Combining it with warm, earthy nuances is particularly recommended. That would be chestnut, orange and wood. For decorating ideas in an ethnic style, you can complement with wood shades. For a more modern contemporary effect, designers are taking the black and white color palette. For rooms for intellectual activities and relaxation, you can combine the ivory color with cold nuances such as blue and green. You can achieve a classic effect by pairing ivory with white and silver.

Lively mix of many neutrals

Decoration for the table in ivory color

You can create the color ivory yourself

The ivory color is not necessarily the cheapest one can find on the market. There is a little more involved in preparing it, because it is a combination of several shades. However, you can do this yourself at home. In fact, there are quite a few advantages to this. You can make the yellow shade more intense or more subtle. Of course, this also applies to the cheerful nuances. The end result is individually tailored to your personal needs. The primary colors, between which there is ivory, are red and yellow.

You can do the ivory color yourself and thus adapt it better to your interior design

a large carpet - ivory

In the middle between these is orange. Compared to ivory there is a lot of red in there. Therefore, in your case, you would have to have a lot less red and for that – a lot more yellow. You’d need to add white in addition to make the shade lighter. Ideally, the color is neutral like white, but the warmth of the yellow can still be felt well.

Ivory is also ideal for modern kitchens 

Ivory - flower pots and other details

The ivory color outside the wall design

The ivory wall design makes a wonderful background for interior decoration in any style. This is a warm and very light base that can be combined with practically anything. But the ivory color is also wonderful for the execution of accessories and furniture. They can represent a specific lighter and warmer aspect in a monochrome interior made of neutral colors. You could also provide a balance in rooms with bright and cool nuances. How this all works is wonderfully visualized with the help of the pictures below.

The ivory tiles warm this ambience

Ivory - floor design for the bathroom

The warm effect of the ivory comes into its own through the light

Ivory - decoration in the bathroom and mirror

You can also use ivory wonderfully with the accessories

Ivory - elegant bedroom

What do you think of ivory kitchen countertops

Ivory - color for the kitchen cabinets

Idea for a rural design in the interior 

Ivory tiles of various sizes

Ivory - light walls - great idea

Ivory - classic design - great idea

There is more and more great furniture in the ivory color

Ivory - small chairs in the bedroom

Ivory - lamp and circle for wall design

Ivory furniture and various cabinets

What a fabulous accent wall you won’t find? 

Ivory - rough accent wall idea

Ivory - sofa for the living room design

Ivory carpet and other furniture

Ivory decoration is becoming increasingly popular 

Ivory - great blankets and walls

Ivory - great furniture design - ideas

Ivory - a lot of different shades

Ivory - wonderful straight surfaces

Ivory - zigzag pattern - wall and floor design

In such a bath you would relax immediately

Ivory bathroom with many mirror surfaces

Ivory - a great toilet

A few more rooms with very creative use of ivory

Ivory color for the kitchen environment

Ivory color combined with gray

Ivory color from the sofa

Ivory for kitchen furnishings

Ivory for a great guest room

In this shade you can also find great wallpapers 

Ivory in a very light variant

Ivory in combination with yellow

The ivory color can appear both very light and quite dark

Ivory in combination with a lot of white

Ivory in several shades

Ivory and modern oval shapes

Different materials in this shade 

Ivory wall design in a room with a sloping roof

bright accents in ivory color

Ideas for the baby room in the color ivory

Great ideas for curtains and accessories in this color

long and very nice ivory curtains

Lights and other accessories - ivory

Furniture and accessories in the color ivory

Bedroom and guest room ideas in ivory

Ivory can be brighter or more neutral

Cabinets and accessories in the color ivory

great wall in the bathroom ivory

Great ivory wall design idea

Ivory curtain around the bed