Hanging baskets are a popular choice for indoor and outdoor decorating. And not without any reason! Because they are a wonderful space-saving option to display your beautiful plants. In this way you impair the limited space in the living room or the small garden area with no additional plant containers. The plant decoration remains in the air, so to speak, and there is room for other living ideas!

Macrame hanging basket ?! You have probably heard of it! If not, get to know these fancy flower pots now! Because today macrame hanging baskets are the focus of our contribution!

Great idea how to hang terrariums

macrame hanging basket white blue

What is macrame actually?

This is a knotting, from which strange jewelry, macrame ornaments or textiles are created. This unique knotting technique comes from the Orient and was brought to Central Europe via Greece. This handcraft not only creates beautiful bracelets, but also original hanging baskets, which we are talking about today.

Macrame hanging basket in white is a beautiful decoration in the outdoor area

Make hanging lights out of macrame yourself and enhance the outdoor area

Macrame hanging baskets add value to any room

They are colorful, fresh and cut a good figure in the room or in the garden. In these, both beautifully fragrant flowers and herbs such as basil look like. You can then hook this onto a hook on the wall or onto a beam or similar. And hanging baskets are usually a practical solution, because plants don’t need to be watered every day!

Rely on the timeless color duo of white and black

hanging basket made of macrame in white black

Do-it-yourself creative design

hanging basket macrame in white creates a fresh atmosphere

It is actually not particularly difficult to make a macrame hanging basket yourself. If you have good instructions, it will certainly work! It doesn’t take much time to make such a fancy hanging basket.

Of course, there are also more complicated models that require more diligence. You can design macrame hanging pots in any color and color combination. Black models, for example, immediately catch the eye, while macrame hanging lamps in light shades are seamlessly inscribed in the interior of the exterior. With macrame hanging baskets, you can show off flower pots and terrariums to their best advantage. But how do you actually do it?

What you need for an easy macrame DIY project:

  • Macrame twine or rope
  • scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Bottle, vase or flower pot
  • and possibly wooden beads to decorate

The following shows how to make a hanging basket is illustrated in pictures. It is very important to fix the cords well so that the whole thing does not fall apart. You could then spice up the macrame hanging basket with beads and knots.

This is how it works step by step!

macrame hanging basket step by step in pictures

Flowers are always and everywhere a beautiful decoration. Flower baskets are often preferred as planters. Flower lovers attach great importance to macrame hanging baskets. You can also benefit from the functionality and beauty of these hanging baskets and add a fresh touch to the room or upgrade your garden or balcony!

macrame hanging basket in different colors

Make a hanging basket made of macrame and display the plants

hanging basket made of macrame beautiful decoration in boho style

hanging basket colored idea for the hanging basket

hanging traffic light make your own ideas with macrame

hanging traffic light make your own macrame ideas

macrame hanging basket unusual diy ideas for hanging baskets

Make your own macrame hanging basket for the bathroom

macrame hanging baskets in black contrast nicely with the white wall

Macrame hanging basket as a decoration at home

Make your own macrame hanging basket and decorate the interior

Make macrame hanging baskets yourself and decorate your home

macrame hanging baskets are a great solution for indoors and outdoors

macrame hanging basket diy ideas in stark colors

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Macrame hanging basket for plants and pumpkins

Make a hanging basket made of macrame in blue

hanging basket made of macrame beautiful craft ideas with decoration

Make a hanging light from macrame yourself, a creative model in white

Macrame hanging pots with unusual and diverse designs

hanging traffic light tinker idea for a hanging terrarium

hanging traffic lights in inspiring models made of macrame

hanging basket small hanging basket from macrame

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hanging basket macrame for outdoors

hanging traffic light macrame in black captivates the view

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Make hanging traffic lights yourself out of macrame

Make hanging traffic lights yourself for interior decoration

macrame hanging basket unusual ideas to make yourself

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