Summer, vacation and the sea! We all love this idea. As the summer holidays approach, it is becoming more and more a reality for many of us. You get really impatient with this thought, don’t you? Unfortunately, the moments in which we can enjoy all of this are a little too short and too short for most of us, you don’t think?

Do-it-yourself maritime decoration ideas

deco sea maritime home accessories beach sign

Are you also looking for a way to keep that summer beach experience with you for a longer period of time? We also think about it … We thought that maritime decoration ideas could be a solution. What do you make of it? Let’s take a closer look at some inspirations on this topic together?

Wall decoration ideas in a maritime style

deco sea maritime deco items decorate living room wall

What can the decoration with sea motifs do??

The sea and the beach have a lot to give us. But when it comes to decoration and accessories, they have to be items that are more durable. Consider sand, shells, stones. Starfish are also wonderful findings.

Mussels in the glass

deco sea maritime glass with shells rustic ideas

What can you do with these objects??

The decoration that comes from the sea is made up of pieces that represent a beauty in themselves. So the most important thing is to present it in the right way. Why not look at home for various pieces of crockery and objects that will be the basis for a maritime DIY project. Do you have an old tray that has already been used? Spice it up with paint or varnish! Put a bit of sand on it and spread the clams around.

Sea stars in blue decorate the wall

deco sea maritime wall decoration ideas in blue

Do you have a beautiful glass or a glass vase and you have no clear idea how you can use it in practice? Why not put some objects in it that can serve as decoration from the sea and thus create a wonderful art installation? You can also integrate luminous elements or perhaps a candle. Wouldn’t that add to a super romantic vibe in your home??

Summer vacation memorabilia

deco sea maritime glass bottles with shells beach clams

Candles made from seashells

We just mentioned the candles briefly. But actually they make up a whole aspect of our subject today. If they are bigger, then you can make candlesticks out of them and even use them to create a dinner table. You can also take artificial accessories that show this shape and also turn them into candlesticks.

Romantic candlelight

decoration sea maritime decoration with shells candles

Glass spheres full of sand and shells

decoration sea maritime glass spheres with shells sand candles

DIY shell candles

maritime decor ideas candle holder with shells

Decorate other accessories

Do you have small utility objects and accessories at home that are too simple in character? Don’t you feel like redesigning these in a graceful way for the summer or as a souvenir of your beach vacation? If so, then use the collected natural decoration from the sea to spice it up. You can use it to decorate the edge of a lamp, the frame of a mirror or the surface of a table. Why don’t you actually do an art installation that you hang on the wall?

And actually, you can already make some great toys for Christmas right now!

Maritime decoration ideas for Christmas too

maritime decor ideas christmas balls with shells and sand

Decorate the frames for the vacation photos with seashells

maritime decor ideas picture frames with seashells

A real work of art

maritime decoration ideas decoration items with shells home accessories

Decorative and practical at the same time

maritime decor ideas wood wall stand rustic

Tinker decorative flower

maritime decoration ideas decoration items with seashells

Maritime decorative items are reminiscent of summer vacation

maritime decoration ideas decoration items with seashells sea stars

Rustic style wind chimes made of shells and driftwood

maritime decor ideas with seashells driftwood wooden frame

The ultimate door wreath in summer

sea ​​decoration maritime decoration items with seashells door wreath

A few days until the long-awaited summer vacation

sea ​​decoration maritime decoration items with seashells door wreath sign

Flower pot for succulents

sea ​​deco maritime shell flower pot sand

Home accessories and decorative items in a maritime style

maritime decoration ideas wall decoration ideas

Decorate the flower pots and cover them with mussels

maritime deco ideas decorate items with seashells flower pot

deco sea maritime style decoration with shells sand