Every country has its eating habits that make up its identity and sometimes make it seem very peculiar. The nation’s culture and way of life play a crucial role in this regard. Always and everywhere in the world, the traditions of eating and drinking are also part of the characteristics of a nation. That’s exactly how it is in Mexico. The Central American country is well known for its piquant, hot-tasting dishes. In Mexican culinary art, one likes to use different products and ingredients from Spanish and French cuisine and, depending on the ancient Aztec tradition, tastes them with fresh herbs and chili peppers. This creates delicious dishes that have a special flavor and are at the same time very nutritious and filling. Are you curious to find out more about Mexican food? Just read on and collect new ideas that will enrich your everyday eating routine.

Have you tried these Mexican specialties yet? Tacos with guacamole and lemon sauce

mexican food tacos with guacamole and lemon sauce

You have certainly already eaten in a Mexican restaurant here in Germany and tasted the specialties of Mexican cuisine. You are probably familiar with typical Mexican dishes such as tortillas, tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas. If not, it’s time to try these specialties. It’s really worth it, because they all look colorful and fun-loving, taste hot and spicy and flatter the eyes and the palate.

In the next few paragraphs we will introduce you to the special features of Mexican cuisine. Stay tuned for something new and interesting about Mexican food! And if you are more interested in tasty recipes from this kitchen, then read our next article with the best Mexican specialties.

Pollo Placero – Mexican style chicken

Pollo Placero Chicken in Mexican

  • What products are typical of Mexican food?

The most popular product of the Mexicans is undoubtedly their corn, because this grain is used in different varieties in their kitchen. This is used to prepare the famous tortillas. These are considered to be a hallmark of Mexican food. These are actually flat corn cakes that are rolled up as tacos and filled with a spicy mix of meat and beans. Of the meat types, chicken and pork are mainly used, but also minced beef and various types of fish. Cheese also has a permanent place in Mexican cuisine. The corn cakes can be filled with cheese, then they are called quesadillas. When they are gratinated, they are called enchiladas.

Mexican food without corn flatbread? These quesadillas with cheese, vegetables and tomato sauce taste typically Mexican.

Mexican quesadillas with cheese vegetables and tomato sauce

In some regions of Mexico it is better not to roll the corn tortillas, there they are called tostada. In the northern areas of the country, the tortillas are made with wheat flour. When filled with different ingredients, they are called burritos or fajitas. Frijoles are often used for the filling. These are small beans that are popular in Mexico.

Tacos filled with fish and served with avocado and lemon wedges.

mexican food tacos filled with fish plus avocado and lemon wedges

  • How is Mexican food seasoned?

Mexican food is popular and very spicy, which is why most dishes in Mexico taste spicy. The Mexican salsas (sauces) can be raw, cooked, spicy, or slightly milder, but most of them contain tomatoes and chili peppers. These are added to various dishes, which is why Mexican food always tastes spicy. Even their chocolate sauce, Mole Poblano, is made with chili peppers. The Mexican sauces are thick and are prepared with many ingredients. For example, the guacamole, also known to us, is actually a paste made from pureed avocados and tomatoes. This is seasoned with fresh coriander, lime juice and chili peppers. Other culinary herbs are also widely used in Mexican cuisine, because it is precisely they that give dishes more spice and exotic taste.

 Pork ribs well garnished and seasoned

Mexican food

Interesting to know: What do you think of when you hear Mexican food? Perhaps most of you mean the very popular dish chili con carne and look in vain for it on the menu in any restaurant specializing in Mexican food. Unfortunately, this dish is not part of Mexican cuisine. This is a specialty of the so-called Tex-Mex cuisine and comes from the border area between Texas and Mexico. Chili con carne contains culinary elements from Mexican cuisine, for example beans, which are often used in Mexico in cooking. But depending on the type of preparation, it is more American, which is why this very well-known spicy dish is assigned to Tex-Mex cuisine. The attached video shows how to make chili con carne at home.

Hopefully you’ve learned something new and are curious about some classic Mexican recipes. We advise you: It’s best to cancel all your appointments for tonight right away, because today Mexican food will be cooked with love and feasted together. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

 Vegans will also find something suitable, for example veggie tostadas with pureed cauliflower and chopped vegetables

mexican food veggie tostadas with cauliflower pureed chopped vegetables

 These crispy burritos are a real temptation for all lovers of Mexican food

mexican food veggie tostadas with cauliflower pureed chopped vegetables

Mexican specialties include these empanadas filled with minced pork and vegetables

mexican food specialty empanadas filled with pork jicama pico de gallo

Tacos always look tempting, just like all Mexican dishes!

Tempting chorizo ​​calabaza tacos served on a Mexican plate

 These tinga tacos are filled with beef and vegetables and are richly seasoned

Chorizo-calabaza tacos tempting on a Mexican

 Mexico invites you to table!

Black Bean Chard Soup Mexican Food