Do you think pink is only for little girls? Think again! First, keep in mind all the different variants: You could opt for delicate reddish nuances, for the abundant shades of raspberry or fuchsia or for the very noble variants such as coral. And in doing so, we did not exhaust all possibilities at all.

If you use the right color, your room will look fresh, modern and really grown-up. The following examples of furnishing and decoration ideas prove: Pink doesn’t have to look cheap. Often it looks more upscale and passionate.

Of course, you have to adhere to a few important rules. The most important of these is: Less is more. In addition, you should ideally always use white as a base. This is how the pink color shows its best side. Yes, you have to say that it is quite difficult to combine other colors with pink without it looking ostentatious.

Many different light and neutral variants of pink are combined here

light pink furnishing sofa

Decoration ideas in muted pink

Is the bright pink just too powerful for you? No problem: there are plenty of fabulous design examples in the muted nuances of this color. You don’t really have to think about pink at that. It’s a very neutral pastel shade with a touch of color. You can also combine it with other nuances.

The muted pink will dissolve into this rather than contrast.

These patterns provide rural freshness in this classically furnished room

tablecloth in pink and throw pillows

Beautify the ambience with pink patterns

You can occasionally freshen up your room with accessories and various textiles with pink patterns. You can achieve a very festive mood, e.g. with plant patterns in different shades of this color. In this case, pink is also a unifying factor. As a result, the design appears very uniform despite the different patterns.

This pink workspace is discreet, vintage, but also very fresh

wall decoration in very light pink

Cool and quiet work space

In the home office you need peace and quiet, but also some kind of stimulus for the senses in order to promote your concentration. You can achieve this again with different pastel shades of pink. Combine several of these for a varied look. For example, you can do three walls in a lighter shade, and one – in a darker shade.

This pink wallpaper with geometric patterns looks very modern

wall design pink mural wallpaper

Accent wall in pink

The pink accent wall is another fabulous idea. Depending on what pattern or shade you choose, a room like this could have a rural, modern or neutral flair. In this case, the colors are so intense that the decoration looks lively and elegant at the same time.

Thanks to the light pink, the room looks very feminine and inviting

wall design in pink deco ideas

The ideal balance

The use of pink in the interior design is your chance to achieve a balanced mood in the interior. To do this, you need the same amount of white and neutral warm touches: the latter could be like sand, stone, caramel. Powder pink and wood tones make a great combination.

Classic elegance and romance exudes this photo wallpaper, in which the pink color dominates

pink in pink deco ideas

Magnificent photo wallpaper in pink

A stylish painting would be another option for introducing pink into interior design. Here, too, the rule applies that you should take white as a base so that the whole thing looks stylish. A large painting that takes up the entire wall would look great. Another alternative would be a series of oversized paintings.

The last example also sums up our tips for decorating with pink. The predominant color in the room is white. It is ideal for introducing pink. This color is used on a sofa and also as a background for wall shelves. We also see pink on some accessories, throw pillows, decorative plants and also on boxes on the shelves. Shades of pink with different intensities are used in alternation.

The highlight in the decoration is a multi-part mural with a silver background, in front of which branches with pink flowers are depicted. These metallic nuances and the sparingly used wood (for example on the furniture) are there to achieve the ideal balance.

So here, too, the light pink pastel colors serve as a soft background for the colored furnishings in the room. The brighter nuances set accents. The background in gray, brown and white makes the whole thing appear balanced, complete and uniform.