On this website we try to keep you up to date with the new generations of high-tech gadgets. Here are 5 pieces of news that we discovered and put together for you at the beginning of February.

In addition to the modern gadgets, these shoes also have a universal design

glow sneaker gadgets innovation black and white

Glow sneakers

The first product of the high-tech gadgets shown here is for fans of Jog and run in a modern style. The super innovative fiber technology made it possible to make the shoes glow in the dark. You can turn the light on or off with a button. To do this, you have six different very modern shades available within one and the same pair.

That makes these pretty universal for different outfits. Designed as evergreens, you can stay modern for a long time.

You have several colors available for the Glow Sneakers

glow sneaker different colors red and purple

Switch Pod – stable and flexible at the same time

swith pod three different positions

Switch Pod

High-tech gadgets are particularly popular and useful, with which great videos can be shot more easily than before. SwitchPod is one such invention. With one movement you can transform this camera. It could only be held in one hand or placed on a table. When folded, this camera is super ergonomic and can easily be carried in a bag or backpack. Or you can just hang them up somewhere. Despite the filigree visual appearance, this camera is very robust and will be very difficult to break. Your video recordings will also be of super high quality.

Switch Pod – so you can easily film with one hand

ergonomic ideas smart gadgets

Our favorite among the small drones

micro drone brand new 2019

Micro Drone 4.0

Here comes the latest from the world of drones. This model fits in your pocket and can be easily carried from one place to another. Nevertheless, you can use it to take gorgeous panoramic shots. Vernon Kershwell is the name of the designer of the “Micro Drone 4.0”. This is the fourth, optimized version of this product that has been sold more than 30,000 times around the world. Will Micro Drone ever achieve the goal of creating the coolest little drone? We think so. The many sensors and the easy work with them contribute to this!

Multi-function chargers are popular gadgets

charger as well as lighter great gadgets

new gadgets lighter and charger

DualFuel – electric lighter and charger in one!

This universal charger can save you in a great many situations. You can use it to charge not only your cell phone but also other electronic devices. That makes it one of the most popular and interesting high-tech gadgets that we have found for you so far this year. It has a very universal and attractive design and can also serve as a lighter. So this is our all-time favorite for travel!

Little Sofia – the little sister of Sofia, who also met Mrs. Merkel once

small sofia smart gadgets

Little Sophia

The bigger Sofia is a human-like robot that gets smarter by communicating with humans. She is the winner of the United Nations Innovation Program. Little Sophia has already communicated with politicians and stars, including Ms. Angela Merkel. Now we have a smaller version of it – Little Sophia. Both versions acquire knowledge very quickly and thus help other people to expand their range of knowledge.

smart drone diy gadgets

Aerowood modular wooden drone

Despite the advancement of technology, people still love to do a lot of things by themselves. The invention of Aerowood gives you the opportunity to build a drone yourself from various wooden modules. The result is surprisingly good – one of the most innovative mini drone versions that we have so far on the market.