Many women feel bloated, stressed and unattractive during their pregnancy. The growing baby brings with it the inevitable weight gain, the clothes no longer fit ….

In our society there are still norms that are subtly transmitted through all forms of media. Needless to say, pregnant women can never, should, or want to relate precisely to this beauty craze.

plaster cast baby bump paint illustrative

The veneration of pregnant women, childbearing women, the fertile ones in our time seems to be just a “morally outdated” end of cultures by the past. The fact is, however, that women are becoming mothers today and every single day of their pregnancy represents a conscious and unfortunately very quiet reflection on the original nature of women.

Today we will no longer philosophize a bit, but instead use many beautiful pictures to show the unrepeatable and unique aspects of pregnancy, which can be immortalized in an artistic way for all time. In today’s article we would like to deal a little more with the last weeks of pregnancy and take a closer look at the trendy event “plaster cast baby bump”.

plaster cast baby bump painting ideas

The idea

In the last weeks of pregnancy, the baby bump is fully developed. And it is precisely at this difficult time, when the expectant mothers can hardly wait for the delivery and the sleepless nights seem endless, that the idea of ​​the artistic impression of the abdomen comes into its own.

The baby bump is carefully laid with gauze bandage and coated with damp plaster of paris. The cool stiff fabric soothes the pregnant woman and she feels even more cared for than usual. After the mixture has dried, the plaster cast is removed from the skin.

You can take impressions of specific areas of the body, or of the entire torso. In the end, the creative idea counts. The plaster cast can serve as a beautiful keepsake forever and can be individually decorated according to your own taste.

paint plaster cast baby bump

plaster cast baby bump decoration deco ideas

Education for children in 3D

The young children can find out where they were before they were born. And what better example of this than looking at the plaster cast of the mother’s baby bump? The children are interested and will be excited to hear their own prenatal story from their mom.

Artfully paint plaster cast baby bump

plaster cast baby bump henna

Photo shoot ideas with baby bump shell

A plaster cast of the baby bump can be made in a number of ways. A very common and popular option is to print a fragment of the abdomen. Have a baby bump shell made by carefully reshaping only the curve under which the unborn child lies with plaster of paris. The bowl will inspire you to various and very creative photo shoot ideas shortly after the birth. There are also endless design possibilities when it comes to decorating the baby bump shell.

plaster cast baby bump artistically depicted

plaster cast baby belly newborn baby

plaster cast baby bump starry sky

plaster cast baby belly baby photoshoot

Paint baby bump

The plaster cast baby bump still needs to be decorated. You can use any technique for this and you are welcome to use our numerous examples on the subject of baby bump painting.

If you are convinced of the suggested technique, you can get some more supplies and immortalize your newborn baby’s first hand or footprint shortly after birth.

This beautiful and aesthetic addition to the imprint of the baby bump can be transformed into a very personal work of art by a sculptor.

plaster cast baby bump bandage

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plaster cast baby bump paint baby foot

plaster cast baby bump with hand

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plaster cast painted baby bump

Baby bump lamp

Many people wonder what to do with the baby bump plaster cast when faced with the problem of lack of space. To be honest, we don’t always have the answers, but we will still convey a practical idea.

If you have an enthusiasm for DIY projects and love DIY lamps, we can suggest that you use the large baby bump as a wall decoration or as a wall lamp. Enclosed you will also find some pictures that show functioning baby bump lamps.

plaster cast baby bump lighting

plaster cast baby bump the miracle of life

Remember that you should simply make a DIY lampshade and decorate the plaster cast according to your own taste. All that’s left is just to attach a lightbulb to the wall. Think about whether the plaster cast and the lamp are to be set up or hung up and ensure a safe place where the valuable cast shows a good presence and does not stand in anyone’s way.

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plaster cast baby bump decoration deco ideas

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